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MBK Shopping Mall Bangkok - MBK Store Guide And Information

MBK - Bangkok

MBK Bangkok is one of the best shopping malls in Thailand's capital. MBK center has everything an average visitor would want to buy. It is a central place to buy all the items that most people buy when they come to Bangkok.

Also known as Mahboonkrong, pronounced mah-boon-krong, it is a mall of over 2,000 shops and stalls which is a favourite with locals and tourists alike due to the availability of goods and the reasonable prices.

MBK can get crowded and the best time to go is during the week when the crowds are not as bad as those during the weekends

General Information

Telephone + 66 (0)2 620-9000
Opening Hours Mon- Sun 10 am - 10 pm
BTS National Stadium
Address 444 ,Phayathai Road, Wangmai, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Credit Cards All Major cards accepted
Email marketing@mbk-center.co.th
Pros Very large selection of items. Sells most items tourists want. Decent prices. Best place for cameras and mobile phones.
Cons Can get very busy at weekends. Stall holders not always polite especially the mobile phone stalls
Main Hotel: Pathumwan Princess Hotel which is located in the same building. More Hotels Near MBK
Official Web site: www.mbk-center.co.th

shopping in Bangkok
MBK Shops
MBK for almost all your shopping needs




MBK is pretty much a one stop shop. it's got most of what you can find in other malls in Bangkok and Thailand. With privately owned shops, it's possible to haggle. You can shop, eat, watch a movie and surf the net. There's even a hotel. It is very close to many other malls and shopping centers and is right next to a BTS Skytrain station.


MBK can get very busy at weekends and the layout means it's not easy to find your way around. even seasoned veterens find it a little confusing. There is a small chance of being ripped off at one of the smaller stalls....especially for electrical goods. Warranties on offer might not extend to your own country. Always check warranties.

How To Get There

The best way to get to mbk bangkok is to catch the sky train and get off at National Stadium. Alternatively, you could take the Bangkok sky train and get off at Siam and then walk to Mahboonkrong passing through other malls and department stores such as Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery and Siam Center; all of which are excellent places to shop.

If the sky train is not an option, then jump into a taxi and say "MBK". All the taxi drivers know where it is and you should have no problems getting them to understand where you want to go.

Ground / 1st Floor

The first floor is home to a number of shops and restaurants. There are small stalls selling jeans, shoes, accessories and even winter clothing such as jackets, gloves, scarves and so on. Also at this level is the excellent Photo File camera shop which sells all manner of cameras and camera equipment but is aimed more squarely at the pro - semi pro photographer and it sells top of the range cameras from the likes of Nikon and Canon.

There are a number of opticians on this floor and the prices are very reasonable.


If you are a contact lens wearer, take this opportunity to stock up on some contact lenses. A box of Acuvue2 will set you back just 600 Baht.


At the back there are a few restaurants offering Thai and Chinese food. Other places to eat and some coffee shops can also be found at this level.
In the center of this floor there are usually a number of stalls offering sales of brand name clothes for men or women. It's usually shirts or underwear but sometimes you can have shoes and sportswear.

There are escalators and lifts to take you up to the various floors but the main set of escalators is next to where the sales go on so they are easy to find.

At the bottom of the escalators, there is usually someone trying to shove a flyer or two into your hands but you can ignore these flyers as they are rarely of interest to tourists.

Near the sales section, there are a number of fashion accessory stalls selling hair clips, earrings and other such items. These items are fairly cheap so grab a few if you need some but there are plenty of stalls such as these scattered throughout.

Sales are common  



2nd Floor

Moving up to the second floor, it's here that you can find gold and jewelry shops selling quality items such as rings, earrings and necklaces. These stalls are all grouped together at the Tokyu end of MBK.

At the top of the escalators, round to the left, there are some free standing stalls selling fake watches, cosmetics, perfumes and health products.
The authenticity of the perfumes, cosmetics and so on is in doubt so buy with caution.

The fake watches are on sale but you have to choose from a catalogue and then you'll be shown the watch of your liking if they have it. Watches are graded by categories such as A, A+ and A++, with the latter being top quality and much more expensive. For an "A" grade men's watch, expect to be quoted around 1,800 Baht but aim for 1,000 Baht.

Costmetics counters
perfumes and fake watches at Mahboonkrong
Fake watches and cosmetics on sale at MBK
Perfumes and health products on the 2nd floor
various levels at Mahboonkrong
Escalators going up and down MBK

Also on the second floor are a number of leather shops selling leather bags, belts and shoes. Men's shoes can be made from crocodile skin or snake's skin. You can buy bags made from these leathers too.
If you want some snake skin cowboy boots, check out either Findig or Udom Egg. Both sell leather goods and shoes for men and women.

Findig leather goods and shoes
Udom Egg for snake skin shoes
  Findig and Udom Egg sell leather goods for men and women.

3rd Floor

The third floor is similar to the 2nd floor but you can also find DVD shops such as Mang Pong selling authentic DVD movies. There are plenty of fashion and beauty stores including hair salons, massage places and some electronics shops.
You can get access to the BTS station from the 3rd floor and there are 3 very good camera shops selling Digital SLR cameras, lenses, camera bags, tripods and all manner of camera accessories.
Burger King and Oishi restaurants can be found on the 3rd floor.

Big Pro Camera
Sunny Nikon dealers
Big Pro Camera is an excellent shop for Cameras
Sunny Camera is a Nikon camera specialist shop

4th Floor

The 4th floor is almost entirely dedicated to mobile phones, both new and used, as well as mobile phone accessories. If you need a new phone or just a cheap second hand one whilst you travel Thailand, the 4th floor will serve your needs.
Also on the 4th floor you have electrical goods shops selling CDs, MP3s, portable DVD players, in-car hi-fi and some more fashion shops.

There are a number of stalls selling pirated software, pirated DVD movies and games.
Expect to pay about 120 Baht for software and 150 Baht for movies. Neither can be trusted for quality.

mobile phone stalls
mobile phone accessories
Mobile phone stalls at MBK
New, second hand and accessories
mobile phone shops
iPhone 3g available
New mobile phones are everywhere
The iPhone 3G is common but not legal



5th Floor

The 5th floor is mainly furniture or furnishings although there is an excellent Canon dealership with a whole range of canon cameras, lenses and accessories

There are a number of places to eat on this level but the most favoured is The Fifth Avenue which is like a food court where you are given a ticket upon entering and then you can order from any of the stalls and pay one fee on exiting. All items are added to the ticket when you order. The ticket is swiped at the shop to add the sum and then swiped on exit to total the amount.

furniture shops
Canon dealer at Mahboonkrong
Furniture spills into the isles at MBK
5th floor is home to a Canon Dealer

6th Floor

The 6th floor caters to Thai souvenirs, gifts and arts and crafts. There is a large number of stalls selling all sorts of Thai style souvenirs. Prices will depend on your ability to bargain.

On the same floor there are a number of stalls selling gaming consoles. You can pick up gaming consoles such as Wii, PS3, and X-Box 360 as well as PSPs which are very easy to get. Expect to pay about 8,500 Baht for a PSP.
Along with the game consoles are pirated games for PC, and the consoles but if you own one of these machines, it DOES NOT mean you can play these pirated games. Much of the time your console will have to have been patched or modified with a special chip or software hack in order for the games to play.

As well as pirated games, there are plenty of stalls selling pirated movies on DVD and pirated software.

If you get to the MBK shops early, you can usually get a good deal on the items you want to buy. We've had a number of experiences where the stall owner will give you a good deal in order to secure a sale for the day.

mahboonkrong souvenir shops
Thai style arts and crafts
Thai style souvenirs
Thai arts, crafts and fashions

7th Floor

This level is an entertainment level. There are plenty of restaurants, karaoke booths, Internet cafes and PC gaming networks.
There is also a good movie theatre and a bowling alley.
If you want to get away from shopping at MBK for a while, the 7th floor has something to help you relax until you are ready to get shopping again.

SFX Movie Theatre
SF Bowling
Thai style souvenirs
Thai arts, crafts and fashions
Internet cafe
Gloria Jean's coffee
Internet Cafe and Online gaming
Plenty of Coffee bars
Haichiban Ramen Noodles
Pizza Hut
Ramen Noodles. Very tasty soup and noodles
Pizza Hut, but you can get this at home.


A new MBK is planned for beach road in Pattaya. The new MBK will be home to 2 new hotels and will follow the same concept as it's Bangkok mothership. Work is expected to begin in 2012 and will be in the general area of The Hard Rock Cafe

Up to 70% off Hotels near MBK

Pathumwan Princess Hotel at MBK
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $139
Comments Direct access to the mall
Book Hotel Book The Pathumwan Princess Here
Siam Bangkok on Siam Square
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $94
Comments The Novotel is just 10-15 minutes walk from MBK. Part of Siam Square and close to Siam Paragon.
Book Hotel Book The Novotel Hotel Here
Siam @ Siam hotel
Star Rating 4.5
Average Rate $124
Comments The Siam @ Siam is roughly a 10 minute walk from MBK
Book Hotel Book The Siam @ Siam Here
Asia Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $94
Comments The Asia Hotel is about a 15 minute walk to MBK but a short taxi ride and close to Sky train station..
Book Hotel Book The Asia Hotel Here
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $263
Comments 20 minute walk but next to Sky train and easy to get to National Stadium. Next to Central World Plaza
Book Hotel Book The Grand Hyatt Here

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