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Antiques in Bangkok | Antique shops, collectables, artifacts

Bangkok and Thailand is famous for its antiques and antique shops. It doesn't matter where you go, you'll find an antique shop. The best known places for shopping for antiques are River City and also, the newer OP Place: The Asian Heritage Shopping Centre. Both are malls with many different shops selling various antiques, furniture and silk products, but for the main part, the focus is on antiques.

The above two antique malls in Bangkok are by no means the only places to find antiquities. Siam Paragon also has a few antique shops which can be found on the 5th floor.

Sukhumvit road has a number of these shops scattered around and we'll provide updated information to these shops below.

If you are not a seasoned antiques dealer or someone who knows about antiquities, then we suggest you shop with caution as we feel that some shops might increase their prices and the descriptions of their antiques.
Many items that look old and antiquated have just been made to look that way and the reality is they were made last month just outside Bangkok.

One of our experiences was with a coffee table in a shop at River City. We walked into the shop to enquire about an attractive glass topped coffee table that has a slight Chinese feel to it. The sales person quoted us a very steep price due to its being from the "Ming Dynasty". Now I'm no expert, but even though the price was steep, it wasn't the kind of price you'd expect for something from the Ming Dynsasty, and so I enquired further and asked why it was so cheap.
The salesperson stated that it was "just the top section that was from that period, the legs had been restored."
With further questions and in the knowledge we were being assumed to be fools, we pressed harder and were eventually pointed to a small corner section of the table top. Probably one inch by one inch.

We did what you'd have done and just made a polite exit, but the warning here is that you must not believe what you are told. The antique shops are made up to look very expensive and perfectly laid out as to appear like the shops must be selling the genuine article ( and some probably are ), but the fact is, many of the items in these shops are modern replicas which are fine to buy as long as you don't end up paying antique prices.

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