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Apple Watch Prices in Bangkok

Apple Watch Prices In Bangkok

apple watch prices in Bangkok

The wait for the Apple Watch in Thailand is over. The new Apple Watch has been released and has become officially available in Bangkok and Thailand in second quarter of 2015 with prices starting at 13,500 Baht and going way higher for the gold versions - 470,000 Baht +.

These prices are correct as of 9th August, 2015 but these will probably change as and when Apple knows or should I say, discovers, what people are prepared to pay for an extended version of the expensive phone they've just bought...and won't work without.

The Apple Watch in Bangkok and Thailand isn't likely to be tethered to any contracts like the iPhones. The Apple Watch will be sold in the same way that iPads, MacBooks and iPods are sold and will be available at all iStudio stores and most quality department stores as well as MBK (of course)..

apple watches in Bangkok

Personally, I'd not bother getting one. Why stop wearing a perfectly nice watch just to wear something that needs to be tethered to an iPhone 5 or higher...yes, an iPhone 5 or higher, so if you don't have an iPhone 5 or higher, you either have to upgrade or go without the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch will need charging daily and will no doubt drain the life out of your phone with the need to use blue tooth in order to communicate with theiPhone 5 or higher.

Where To Buy An Apple Watch In Bangkok

Why Buy an Apple Watch ?

Before I go on a rant about yet another sleek looking but waaaay too expensive and overly useless Apple product, let me point out that my new iPhone 6 already gets put through its paces battery-wise and it's down to 30% battery by the end of most days and this is with careful monitoring that it's not got bluetooth on, isn't pinging for every known wi-fi signal on the planet and only uses 3G / 4G and calls.

If I have to have it constantly tethered to an Apple Watch via blue tooth I'd be carrying round a few power bars. So, now that I've (hypothetically) got a new Apple Watch, I've not only dumped my perfectly good watch and upgraded my phone, I'm now carrying around a power bar or two just to keep things running.

Sure, it's only cost me 13,500 Baht and sure, it pretty much does everything my phone can already do but I'm looking cool and I can show off to my friends that i'm one of the first to get one.

OK, so if my girlfriend also has one, we can watch each other's heart beat. I mean...who wouldn't, but without the phone connected, it's pretty much a watch that can count your foot steps.


It's only when it's tethered to your phone, which you'll have sitting on your desk or table anyway, that you'll now be able to see what you can see on your phone just a few inches away.

For Die Hard Apple Fans Only?

Apple has made an awful lot of money from people wanting to be part of the cult that is Apple and we can't see that this will stop with the introduction of the Apple Watch, but we do think it's going to be a bit of a fad until the Apple watch can work without the need to have the iPhone 5 or 6.

There are of course, already smart watches on the market and whilst the Apple Watch is altogether sleeker and has more functionality, the point remains that it's a bit of a gimmick.

Where Can I Buy an Apple Watch in Bangkok ? You'll be able to buy the Apple Watch from MBK almost as soon as it is available in the USA, UK, Hong Kong and anywhere else it's released before Thailand. This is because of the black market whereby officially released Apple items are imported into Thailand by anyone coming back from said countries.

The prices will be elevated and there probably won't be the warranty to go with it so if you buy an Apple watch in Bangkok or Thailand before the official release date then you are going to be paying over the odds and taking a bit of a risk.
Now that it's officially released, there are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok, such as iStudio which is an official Apple outlet store.. Most can be found within the department stores and malls such as:

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