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Bangkok Bar Girls

Bangkok is famous the world round for it's go go bars and saucy nightlife and with the go go bars come the go go girls and many men get tempted by their petite figures, long black hair and silky smooth skin which is so readily available - at a price.

Almost every go go bar employs girls who will go with a customer if the price is right. It isn't just the girls who dance, it can be the waitresses as well. However, this is clearly down to their disgression and how badly they might need some money.

All bars charge a fee (bar fine) for removing a girl from the bar and the fees can very from bar to bar but will range from between 600 and 900 Baht.

How much you pay the girl is up to her and you.

General Information About Go Go Girls

Where Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza & Patpong
Bar Fines Roughly 600 - 900 Baht depending on the bar
Cost Up to the girl but expect to pay 1,500 Baht and up depending on duration
Alternatives Soapy massage parlours, beer gardens, escort agencies, clubs
Where to go Your hotel, short time hotels, on-site at some places

go go dancers Bangkok
bar girls bangkok

Bangkok Go Go Girls

There must be tens of thousands of go go bar dancers in Bangkok and contrary to what many people think, most of the girls do it because the money is easier and more than working as a maid, factory worker or in a department store.

If a girl does not want to work as a prostitute, the chances are she'd find employment elsewhere. Do not confuse this with prostitutes in general where some are forced into it, we're talking strictly go go dancers here.

Many girls who work in go go bars find this is a good place to meet and ultimately marry a foreigner and for anyone thinking "who would want to marry a prostitute?", the answer is...loads

Whilst most men would not think about marrying a prostitute from their own country, there are plenty who end up marrying one from a go go bar in Bangkok and this is because of the language barrier, the good looks of the girls concerned and the stories the girls tell. It's pretty usual for a girl to tell a guy that she's only been working for a few days and wants to leave and of course the guys believe her because they are smitten by her good looks, sexy figure and petite body.

What Is A Go Go Girl?

A go go girl is a girl who works and dances in a go go bar. They range from about 17 years old up to about 28. Much past that and they stop dancing and end up just serving drinks or looking after the younger girls and become known as "mama sans"..

Go Go girls will dance on a stage, in groups and with the aid of a pole similar to pole dancers. The term "dance" is loosely used because most just shuffle or more their feet slightly whilst looking at themselves in mirrors or chatting to friends who are supposed to be dancing with them.

Most go go bar girls in Bangkok wear a bikini and high heels but some bars have special costumes (such as dressing up as school girls). In the past, the girls used to have a period when they danced naked or topless and whilst this does happen in some bars, it's a lot less common than before.

Many bars have special shows such as the famous "ping pong" ball show, lesbian shows and various others. Full on sex shows are difficult to find.

Not all go go girls are good looking or sexy. If a girl is good looking and has a great figure, she is most likely to be bar fined very quickly or even stop working in the bar after finding a boyfriend. This leaves the less sexy / good looking ones and some bars have pretty ugly ones with birth scars and stretch marks.

Finding The Best Looking Girls

Some bars have better looking girls than others. We can't recommend any but if the bar is quiet, it's because the girls are not good looking. If the bar is heaving, it's because of the girls. King's Castle in Patpong has good looking girls but the music is often incredibly loud and you can't have a conversation with them or a friend.

A few bars in Nana Plaza are supposed to have good looking girls as is Soi Cowboy.... they all have a few bars where the good girls are but get there early and be prepared to pay a premium price.

Whilst getting to a bar early is not good because fewer people are out and the party hasn't started, it is advised if you want to find the best looking girls before they are all bar fined. Some nights you can get to a bar at 9pm and there are only a few girls left.

Paying A Bar Fine

If you find a girl you like and you want to take her out of the bar make sure she knows what you want. Make sure you agree a price.This way, there are no surprises for you or her.

Make sure you know how long she will stay with you and make sure you know where you are going. If you are not shy, take her to your hotel because they will ask for her ID card and this provides you a certain amount of protection from being robbed or worse.

You might have to buy her a few drinks before taking her out of the bar.... some bars insist on this.


Bar girl drinks are generally expensive. At least the cost of one of your drinks and often consist of a watered down Thai whiskey and coke. Either that or it's a small glass of coke worth 5 baht but costing you 150 - 200 Baht.

If buying a girl a drink,suggest she drinks a beer.at least you are buying a real drink.

A drink you buy for a girl results in her getting a ticket and each ticket is worth something like 40 Baht to her. The more drinks you buy her, the more she makes but the bar takes most of the money. At the end of the night, the bar counts up her tickets and pay her her "tips". Some girls go from customer to customer and have 2 or 3 drinks on the go. If the bar is very busy, it's easy for her to get lost in the crowd when she's really sitting with a different client.

What To Be Careful About

First of all, Thai go go dancer girls are all very good at making you believe that they really like you and that you are special and different from all the others. They all say you are handsome and they are all after one thing - money.

It's not common, but it does happen that you can be drugged and then robbed by girls you take out of a bar. However, if a girl from a bar does go with you, it'd be silly for them to drug you because you can go back to that bar the next night and complain etc. Druggings etc is more common if you've picked upa girl from a night club because you'll never see them again.

No Go Go girl has a boyfriend.... and if you believe that !!!!

Many guys think their girl will tell them the truth and the usual story is that as long as you give them money, they will stop working in the bar and wait for you to return. Many guys fall for this story and return to their country whilst continuing to send money back to their girl. But what is really happening is that they are back in the bar working and receiving money from 4 or 5 other guys.

Best Go Go Bars in Bangkok

Each person will have their own favourite go go bar; either because of the music, girls or atmosphere but we consider Soi Cowboy to be the best place to go in Bangkok for go go bars followed by Nana Plaza and then, lastly, by Patpong

bangkok dancing girls

It's far too easy to get hooked on a single girl and many guys go back to the same bar night after night just to be with the same girl and often get moody or upset if the girl has gone with another customer.

There are escalators and lifts to take you up to the various floors but the main set of escalators is next to where the sales go on so they are easy to find.

As we've said before, don't be fooled by her claims of love and affection. If she's coming on to you, she'scoming on to all the others and she does this for a living. You are just another customer.

If you do choose to chase her, the only way to ease the "pain" of her going with other customersis to bar fine her for the rest of your stay. That way you are sure she's available and sure she's not going with any other clients and you'll have company and someone who can show you around and help you shop, order food etc - but it won't come cheap.



We honestly don't know and it's all down to the girl and circumstances but we'd imagine that you'll be looking at 1,500 Baht for "short time" and 2,500 - 3,500 for all night. If she's a popular girl and gets bar fined 5 nights a week, she's on a very good salary !!!


If you have bar fined a girl for a number of days, you can expect to have her with you for that period. If they have agreed to be with you but say they can't stay the night and give excuses about living with family etc, then take it from us that it's a scam. She's either got a Thai boyfriend or she's seeing someone else.

If she hides her phone or walks away from you when the phone rings...she's got another foreigner boyfriend. If she has a Thai boyfriend she will talk in front of you knowing you won't understand.

If she stays with you and doesn't try to conceal her calls, you might be one of the very few who have found one without a boyfriend - Thai or foreign.

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Siam Bangkok on Siam Square
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Grand Hyatt Hotel
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