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Bangkok Shopping Request

Request Information About Shopping in Bangkok

Make a Bangkok shopping request by joining the forum and posting your question. We'll then see the post and reply. This way others can benefit from your question and our answer.

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Please note: vague or unspecific requests will go unanswered. Too many people ask for "bags" or "televisions".
A request such as - "nikon camera control 2.2" will go unanswered. We don't know whether you want the price, the cheapest shop, how much it costs in duty free etc.

Be specific and we'll answer as best we can.

Please make sure that if you are looking for "bags" you state whether you want brand named bags and whether you want real or fake. A good question would read:
"I am looking for authentic Gucci bags. Where is the best or cheapest place to buy them".
If the question is worded like that, we can provide you with a realistic answer.

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