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Chatuchak Market Bangkok | Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok

Chatuchak Market Bangkok is another of those places you don't want to miss when coming to Thailand but you'll have to be here for a weekend because that is when it is open. Saturdays and Sundays.

Chatuchak weekend market is huge so you'll want to give yourself as much time as possible to look around. Get there early (around 8.30) and take it easy because it can get very hot and sweaty under the corrugated roofs.

This Bangkok market is divided into sections making it "easier" to find what you are after, but it's still difficult to find the correct section and then manage the crowds.

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Chatuchak Market in Thailand is the kind of place that needs time and patience. Time, because it's so large and getting around can be confusing. Patience, because of the huge number of people all jostling for position and the fact that if you find a stall you like and then carry on to another stall, it's not easy to find you way back again. As the map below shows, Chatuchak is divided into sections:

1 Books & Magazines, Places to Eat and Drink, Buddha Artifacts
2 - 4 Home Decorations, Art and Crafts, Ceramics & Pottery, Collectible items
5 - 6 Clothing & Fashion, Bags, Belts & Accessories, general miscellaneous items.
7 - 9 Antiques & Antiquities, Furniture, Lamps & Lighting, Ceramics & Handicrafts.
10 - 24 Clothing & Fashion, Pets, Fish & Animals, Consumer Goods, Household Goods,
17 - 19 Ceramics, Food Stalls
22 - 26 Antiques, Crafts & Furniture

.Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Market Information/ Opening Hours

Opens Saturday and Sunday 8.30 am - 7.30pm ( roughly )
Entrance Fee free
Sky train (BTS) Mochit
Subway (MRT) Kampengpet
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Getting To Chatuchak Market

The easiest way to get there is by either the sky train (BTS) or by the subway (MRT). Both go right to the market but the MRT is probably best as the exit at Kampengpet exits directly into Chatuchak and is probably the easiest.

If neither the BTS or MRT is an option, then just grab a taxi and tell them Chatuchak. They all know where it is so you shouldn't have any problems.

Shopping Tip

If you travel to Chatuchak by Bangkok's subway system ( MRT ), there is a station called Chatuchak Park. Don't get off at this station. Get off at Kampengpet as this station will get you right next to Chatuchak market.

Going into Kampengpet subway station
coming out of Kampengpet subway station
Entrance to subway at Kampengpet MRT station
From the same station into Chatuchak Market

General Information

Bangkok's biggest weekend market attracts local Thais and visitors alike. If you are coming to Bangkok a visit to Chatuchak market is certainly a "must do". Shopping in Bangkok wouldn't be complete without a trip to this huge weekend market. The biggest weekend market in Thailand, it's a place where you kind find things not sold elsewhere as well as being a place to pick up a bargain. For example, if you are thinking of moving here, get all of your cutlery, plates, glasses and mugs etc here. You will get almost all items for at least 50% less than if buying at a department store.

Most of the glasses and mugs are brand named items that have just been rejected at quality control and with the smallest of defects. All our mugs come from Chatuchak and unless you look very carefully, you wouldn't notice anything wrong.

You can pretty much kit out your entire house at Chatuchak, but even though bargains can be had, it's not as cheap as it used to be, with some items matching the prices found in major department stores but without a warranty.

mugs purchased at Chatuchak market

Various Spellings of Chatuchak

You might find that you come across various spellings of Chatuchak and this is because it's translated from Thai and translations and spellings will differ. spellings you might see:

  • Chatuchak
  • Jatujak
  • Chatujak
  • JJ Market
Whatever the spelling, it's all the same place.

We've said you can get almost anything at Chatuchak market, but you won't find items like cameras, hi-fi, TVs etc. They are there, but is confined to collectable items and not the modern stuff.
Chatuchak is a great place for home furnishings. There's a lot of furniture for gardens and conservatories and a large number of shops selling teak coffee tables, cupboards, beds and bedside tables. Most shops at Chatuchak can provide export services if you wish to buy items and ship them home. They'll arrange everything for you.

furniture shops at JJ Market Thai and Chinese furniture
There are many furniture shops...
...selling Thai and Chinese style furniture

Exporting / Shipping Goods

If you find large items you want to buy, such as furniture, lamps or lighting or some antiques, almost all of the shops can arrange for the items to be shipped to your home country.
They will pack everything and make all the necessary arrangements but you might find that the shipping costs out weigh the need for that item unless you really have to have it, or you know you can sell it for a profit.

Don't forget, it's not just the shipping costs, it's all the handling costs plus the tax added when it arrives at your country. Any item not 6 months old could well be subject to taxation.

Places To Eat

There are plenty of places to eat at Chatuchak. Some are indoors with air-conditioning but most are open air places selling pre cooked food that is served up with rice or noodles.
If you find an air-conditioned restaurant we suggest you grab something to eat there just so you can cool down but if you don't mind the heat, then the other places serve freshly cooked food that shouldn't make you ill.

Pre-cooked Thai food is more likely to be spicy. If you don't like or want spicy food, opt for fried rice or noodles.

Frying up some noodles at Chatuchak Market Food stalls are everywhere at Bangkok's weekend market
One of the many out door food stalls
In door cafes are everywhere. Take your pick

Best Time To Visit

Try to avoid the hottest times of day and this is especially true for the months of March, April, May which are generally the hottest times of the year and walking around Chatuchak during the day during those months can potentially make you ill.

If you can't avoid those months, get to the market early to avoid the crowds and the heat as much as possible but stalls tend not to open fully until around 9 or 10 am.

There are plenty of places selling bottled water and cold drinks such as Pepsi, Coke or Fanta so don't worry about carrying water with you. Just make sure you drink plenty especially if you find yourself sweating a lot.

Pros & Cons


Chatuchak is huge and you can find all sorts of goodies which you might not be able to find eleswhere. There are large number of collectable items which you could very well sell on eBay or just keep for yourself.
If you like Thai furniture, especially Teak furniture, there are some very good shops which sell quality home and garden items which can easily be exported or shipped home.


Because of its size, you might not get to see all you might like to see. Also, getting back to a stall you saw earlier could be next to impossible.
Chatuchak market can get extremely busy and with the very narrow isles between the stalls, it can be very slow going so avoid taking a backpack as it will get in the way.
Not only can it get very busy, it can also be one of the hottest places to be and this can make it an unpleasant experience.

Thai style art and crafts
wooden monk figures
Thai Style Arts & Crafts
Wooden Buddhist Monks

beach clothes at Jatujak market
Sandals and footwear at Bangkok weekend market
Beachwear outside Kampengpet Subway Station Sandals & footwear at Bangkok Weekend Market
surf style shops
Wooden crafts
Casual beach clothing such as t-shirts & shorts
Wooden crafts such as bowls and plates
nik naks
Leather sandals and shoes
Nik nak items
early morning at Chatuchak means smaller crowds
massage tired feet
Early on the crowds are not too bad
If your feet start to hurt, just grab a massage
Preparing food for the masses
Plenty of Silk products at Chatuchak market
Preparing food for the masses
Silk products can be found in abundance
pewter hip flasks and ornaments
Lanna style wall hangings
Pewter goods such as hip flasks
Lanna style wall hangings
Lanna covers
pottery and aroma
Northern Thai style wall hangings
Aroma therapy ceramic potspots
Plastic fruit
Thai style art
Plastic fruit
Chatuchak has many types of Thai art
INf some new glasses at Bangkok weekend market
Jewelry at the weekend market
Find some new glasses at Jatujak market
Plenty of jewelry
necklesses and bracelets
Woodn statues
Necklesses and bracelets
Wooden statues
Thai coffee stalls
Thai fruit drinks
Compact coffee shop
Try some Thai fruit drinks
cold drinks
Thai hip bags
Cold drinks are everywhere
Casual hip bags
rice boxes
Jatujak Weekend Market Bangkok
Northern Thai storage boxes
One of the many, many isles at Chatuchak
various styles of scarfs
Scarfs of different styles and materials
Quality lighting
Lamps and lamp shades
More market isles
Lamps and lamp shades
It's not crowded before lunch
Wax monks
brass fans
Wax monk statues
Brass fans
jeans and casual wear
Hanging chair furniture
Get some good quality jeans
Hanging chair furniture
Brass buffalos and other brass statues
ladies hand bags
Huge brass statues
Different styls of hand bags
Thai statues
Kitchen tables
whicker furniture
Furniture shops at Bangkok weekend market
Thai style furniture
Various styles of furniture
Thai noodles at Chatuchak market
Airconditioned restaurant at Bangkok Weekend Market
Thai noodles can be had at...
...one of the air-conditioned restaurants
Baskets full of fridge magnets
Chatuchak market character
Baskets full of fridge magnets
One of the stall owners at Chatuchak
violinist at JJ market
Buskers earning a crust
Transportation takes you around the market
Chatuchak Market restaurants
watches on sale in Chatuchak Weekend Market
Cheap and freshly made food at Chatuchak
Fancy a new watch ?
Thai food stalls
plates, mugs and bowls
Deep fried pork or beef jerky
Get plates, bowels and mugs
Money exchange at Chatuchak Market
crowds in crease in the afternoon


Hotels Near Chatuchak Weekend Market

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Sena Place Hotel near Chatuchak market
Star Rating 3
Average Rate $30
Comments Budget hotel within easy walking distance of Cahtuchak weekend market. 190 Rooms
Book Hotel Book The Sena Place Here
Grand Tower Inn near Chatuchak weekend market
Star Rating 3
Average Rate $35
Comments Close to BTS stations which wll take you to Chatuchak. Taxi ride about 10 mins
Book Hotel Book The Grand Tower Inn Here
Victory Hotel near Jatujak market
Star Rating 3.5
Average Rate $48
Comments Close to Victory Monument BTS station and about a 10 minute taxi ride to Chatuchak Market
Book Hotel Book The Victory Hotel Here
Abloom exclusive serviced apartments in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $51
Comments Next to a BTS station and a 5 minute taxi drive to Chatuchak
Book Hotel Book The Abloom Apartments Here
Siam City Hotel
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $78
Comments Close to a BTS station and a 10 minute taxi ride to Chatuchak market
Book Hotel Book The Siam City Here
Century Park Hotel, Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $61
Comments Not close to BTS but an easy taxi ride to Chatuchak in about 10 minutes.
Book Hotel Book The Century Park Here
Siam City Hotel
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $48
Comments A nice hotel only 10 minutes taxi drive to the Chatuchak weekend market.
Book Hotel Book The Chaophya Hotel Here
Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $80
Comments A new hotel next to King Power duty free and close to BTS station and 10 minutes to Chatuchak
Book Hotel Book The Pullman Hotel Here

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