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Computers in Bangkok | Buying a computer in Bangkok

Computers in Bangkok | Buying a computer in Bangkok

computers, printers and software in Bangkok, Thailand

Where to buy a computer, laptop or printer in Bangkok

There are a number of places where you can buy a computer in Bangkok. Whether you wish to buy a brand name laptop or notebook or have your own super computer built, Bangkok has some amazing IT stores to help you get what you are after.
The main places are:
  1. Pantip Plaza
  2. Fortune Tower / Fortune Town
  3. Seacon Square

The places mentioned above are actually malls consisting of IT stores. Most of these stores are small IT shops selling computer components by which to build or upgrade your PC but there are larger stores such as IT City which are more like IT supermarkets selling everything from paper and blank CDs to multi-function printers or projectors.
The smaller shops can offer discounts and savings for items paid for in cash, but the larger stores are fixed prices but come with better service for the computer equipment and goods sold.

Pantip Plaza

Pantip Plaza is probably the most well known of the IT Malls in Bangkok. Situated at Pratunam, round the corner from Central World Plaza, Pantip Plaza is a mass of shops selling all manner of IT hardware, DVDs, Computers, Laptops, cameras, mobile phones and books. Pantip Plaza can get very busy and can also be a pain to walk around with rude young men standing about trying to sell you "sexy DVDs". You can probably find what you are after here, but not without a jostle. Pantip is an experience and a must visit if you are a computer buff but if you hate crowds, try the others.
Pantip is not very close to any public transportaion except for taxis. Traffic in that area can be a nightmare especially at weekends. More monks here than any temple we've ever been too.

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Fortune Town

Fortune Town in Bangkok or Fortune Tower is a smaller version of Pantip Plaza but rather than being completely dedicated to IT equipment, Fortune Town's IT section is spread across the top two floors. The type of shops are similar to that of Pantip Plaza but it quieter and there are no young men trying to sell you sex movies. Less choice, fewer options but a quieter shopping experience and with the noticable abscence of Monks.
Easy to get to by the Bangkok Underground System ( MRT ).Just get off at Rama 9.


Seacon Square


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