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Fake Sunglasses in Bangkok | Counterfeit Designer Goods

Pirated and Counterfeit Sunglasses, Thailand

If you want to know where to buy copied designer sunglasses in Bangkok, it's quite simple: Anywhere.

Copied designer sunglasses are easy to find. They can be bought from stalls selling them on the strets or at stalls in shopping malls such as MBK which have small stalls dedicated to the selling of counterfeit sunglasses by high end fashion brands such as Ray Bans, Oakley, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurant, Armani and so on. These sunglasses cost about 250 Baht each, but this depends on your ability to bargain and how badly the stall owner wants to sell them.

Counterfeit designer sunglases are a potential health risk because the lenses used in these counterfeit glasses, are not good quality and although they are dark and reduce the sunlight getting to your eyes, they do not protect your eyes from UV sun rays or Infra red rays. Wearing them gives you a false sense of security and your eyes no longer squint which means more rays are actually getting to your eyes, and this is dangerous. This makes these sunglasses more harmful than good.

Buying fake or counterfeit goods in never good, but if you have to do it, we think the most dangerous is sunglasses. If you buy a pair, maybe use them for a day as an emergency pair if you've lost or broken your originals, but we receommend you buy a proper pair of sunglasses with authentic lenses which will protect your eyes from the harmful rays.

Silom Road

During the day and more so in the evenings, Silom road and Patpong become a market area and this is a good place to buy copied designer sunglasses and other counterfeit goods. The market area starts the the bottom of Silom road, on the same side as Robinson departmetn store and goes all the way up to the Silom / Sathorn intersection, although most of the stalls are between Robinson and Patpong.
You can get to Silom by either the Skytrain ( BTS ) and get off at Saladaeng station, or you can take the underground ( MRT ) and get off at Silom. Both are very close together, it's just the name that makes them sound like they are in different places, but wherever you get off, you"ll easily spot the stalls.
The stalls on the streets are very tightly packed together and it can be slow going to make your way along Silom road, but every few stalls will be selling fake or counterfeit sunglasses.


Patpong is the name of a road, but it's also a market which takes over the road during the evening and night. The market itself sells almost nothing but counterfeit products including clothing, bags, sunglasses, watches and anything else which can be copied, although computer software isn't available.
If you go to Patpong market looking for pirated copies of designer sunglasses, then just be aware that the stall owners are not very friendly and so if they offer you a silly proce, don't bother bargaining, just walk away and try the next stall.
Generally, sunglasses of any fake brand should be around the 250 Baht mark and probably less if you haglle hard, but if you are being offered them at 500 Baht or more, just walk away. Don't get stuck into a haggling match. There are plenty of stalls willing to sell you are pair

Sukhumvit Road

Sukhumvit road has it's fair share of touristy areas selling counterfeit prodcuts including sunglasses. The busiest of these areas is the Nana area of Sukhumvit, or Soi 4 near the Landmark and Ambassador hotels.
Agai, there are plenty of stalls selling anything and everything that can be counterfeited, faked or copied, just take the BTS skytrain to Nana station and once you've made it to the street, it'll become very obvious where the stalls are.

Kao Sarn Road

Kao Sarn Road is another good place for buying items such as sunglasses as this is the kind of item that backpackers like to buy as they are cheap and people don't really care about spending 250 Baht on some sunglasses that they are probably going to lose or break.
Prices are probably more reasonable in the Kao Sarn Road area because it's generally acccepted that people who stay in this area don't have much money to spend. Most people staying in this area of Bangkok use it as a cheap stop over place before moving onwards to the coastal areas.
unfortunately, it's not possible to get to Ka Sarn ROad by BTS or MRT and so if you want to get to this area, you'd best take a taxi.

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