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EM Quartier Shopping Mall In Bangkok




EM Quartier

EM Quartier is Bangkok's newest shopping mall

Just when you thought Bangkok couldn't take any more shopping malls and department stores, The Mall Group opens the all new EM Quartier in Bangkok.

The EM Quartier shopping mall is part of the new EM District which is a new development project of hotels, offices and department stores/ shopping malls.

EM Quartier was opened on Friday, 27th March 2015 and is opposite The Emporium

Boasting S.E Asia's tallest man made waterfall which clocks in at 40 Meters, Bangkok's newest shopping mall is aimed to impress.

Apart from the grandeur of the place, there will be little to separate it from the other high-end malls in Bangkok. It'll have the food courts, the expensive restaurants and cake stalls as well as the high-end fashion outlets by the likes of Jimmy Choo and Valentino.... too many to mention here.

No self respecting Bangkok shopping mall would be without the very latest cinema experience and this includes an iMax theatre.

One aspect to stand out is the Virgin Active fitness centre which boasts a very large indoor pool, spa and other tempting features. No doubt the rich and famous are queuing to pay the very likely high prices just to whip out the membership card on cue.

General Information/ Opening Hours

Opens Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00
Tel +66 02-269-1000
Sky train (BTS) Prom Phong
Official Web site The EM District
Email: customerservice@emporiumthailand.com
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Why Go To EM Quartier ?

EM Quartier in Bangkok is easy to get to. Just take the skytrain to Phrom Phong and the skytrain station joins directly to it, so getting there is very easy. It's also opposite the now less attractive Emporium, so the area is quite huge and only disected by Sukhumvit road and the skytrain.

You should go to EM Quartier just to say you've seen it and revelled in the opulence that is becoming all to familiar in Bangkok.

If you have a mental image of Bangkok being a poor-ish South East Asian capitol, think again. Bangkok has money...lots of money and this is made obvious by this latest shopping mall.

EM Quartier, Bangkok's newest shopping mall

The "trouble" with the location is that it's a bit out of the way of the other shopping malls such as Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza and MBK etc. and there is little to drag you away from those places other than because it's new.

You're not going to find new things to buy at EM Quartier and everything else will be very similar and so we can't honestly see the point or the need.

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