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Emporium Bangkok

The Emporium Bangkok is an upmarket department store and shopping complex. It used to take pride of place amongst Bangkok shopping malls and department stores but it has been surpassed by Siam Paragon and Central World Plaza

The Emporium Department Store is your standard department store with different levels dedicated to different sections and with a quality supermarket on the top level.

The shopping complex is home to some high end brand name shops such as Fendi, Cartier, Chanel and a number of others..

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main entrance to The Emporium in Bangkok
Direct BTS to The Emporium
Main entrance to The Emporium There is direct access to and from the BTS station

General Information/ Opening Hours

Opens Mon - Sun 10.00 - 22.00
Tel +66 (0)2 2691000
Sky train (BTS) Prom Phong
Official Web site www.emporiumthailand.com
Email: customerservice@emporiumthailand.com
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Getting To The Emporium

As with most major shopping complexes in Bangkok, the Sky train is connected directly to The Emporium. Get off at Phrom Phong BTS station and follow the exit signs which will lead you to and entrance with escalators which will take you up to the 3rd floor (2nd floor if you state the 1st floor is the ground floor).

Taxis drivers all know The Emporium and so just tell them and they will know how to get there. Taxis are queued up outside the main front entrance and the side entrance on Sukhumvit 24.

Why Go To The Emporium?

It is the main department store serving the expat community around the Sukhumvit Asoke and further down areas. Many expats live on Sukhumvit 24 and Sukhumvit 55 (Soi Thonglor) and The Emporium has what most people need especially the supermarket on the top floor. So it's convenient for that area of Bangkok.

Louis Vuitton at the entrance to The Emporium
Louis Vuitton at main entrance to The Emporium
High fashion stores are on the ground floor.

It's interesting to know that Siam Paragon and Emporium are run and owned by the same company but the Paragon is much larger and superior in every aspect although some of the high end jewelry and fashion names can be found at both stores as can a number of other well known retailers.

Cartier jewelry
Cartier watches and jewelry
High fashion stores are on the ground floor.

Best Thing About It

Probably the very good food court and supermarket. On the top floor of The Emporium merged with the department store, there is a very good food court and supermarket. There are three aspects to the food court area. There is a Thai food court, selling Thai food. This is cheap and good quality but portions are not very big.

You then have an open area where there are various restaurants selling Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and Thai food. There is also a Burger King and Pizza place.

Finally, there is another section which has various food stalls / restaurants. This used to be a place where when you entered, you collected a ticket which was swiped by each restaurant and you paid the total on the way out, but this idea has been phased out and you now pay at each restaurant.

There is a very wide selection of food to be had in this area so you are spoiled for choice. Unfortunately, whereas before you could sit at one table and enjoy food from any stall, now you have to sit in one restaurant area and eat only their food.

Piri Piri Restaurant at Emporium
Burger King
Piri Piri - Flaming Chicken
Burger King
Sushi bar
Thai restaurant
Sushi Bar
Thai Restaurant

The Supermarket

The supermarket at The Emporium is situated on the top floor which is a bit of a pain but with lifts going to the car parking areas it's not too bad as long as you can remember where you parked. If you didn't drive then you have to haul your shopping around the store and then outside to a taxi.

The supermarket itself is pretty decent. The fruit and vegetables is all fresh and looks very good quality and the meat counters offer local and imported meats from USA and Australia with quality steaks, lamb and sausages all available for those who can afford the high prices.

The cold meats and cheese counters also offer a good variety to choose from meaning you shouldn't get too home sick for your favourite foods.

The rest of the supermarket is also good with many local and imported goods for sale and catering to the Japanese and Western expat communities.

the supermarket at Emporium
Emporium supermarket
The Supermarket
Clean and well presented
meat counters
frsh and frozen fish
Good selection of local and imported meats
Fresh and frozen fish

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Emporium Suites Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $139
Comments Top quality executive apartments which are part of The Emporium. Direct access to the complex
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Oakwood Residence in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $82
Comments A short walk or 1 minute Tuk Tuk ride to The Emporium
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Imperial Queens Park Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $72
Comments Just around the corner from The Emporium, this large hotel is no more than 10 minutes walk away.
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Hope Land Serviced Apartments in Bangkok
Star Rating 3.5
Average Rate $62
Comments Literally a short walk from the Emporium. Situated on Sukhumvit 24. A good location.
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President Park Hotel, Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $57
Comments You can walk to the Emporium from here but a 1 minute Tuk Tuk ride is better. Good location.
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Four Wings Hotel Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $54
Comments The Four Wings is roughly a 5 minute taxi ride to the department store. Easy to get back too..
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LEgacy Suites Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $80
Comments On the opposite side of the road to the Emporium and about 10 minutes walk away. Good location.
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