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Fake Watches in Bangkok | Buying a fake watch in Bangkok

Fake watches in Bangkok

Buying a fake watch in Bangkok must be one of the most common things for visitors to Thailand to do. There's probably no single fake item that people want to buy more, but is it worth it ? A number of years ago; let's say 15 for the sake of an argument, although there were visitors to Thailand, there were not as many as now. These days, tourism is up and so is Thailand's wealth and to this end, prices for all those goods tourists treasure have gone up. 15 years ago, you could pick up a fake Rolex watch and show it to your friends back home and proudly say that you'd paid next to nothing for it, and when it stopped working two days later, it didn't matter because you'd paid nearly nothing for it, but things have changed.

Most people have heard the stories of vendors following you down the street calling "hey you..OK..OK..how mush you pay?" in an attempt to get a sale. They would follow you and the price would drop and drop and you'd end up paying something like 80% less than the original asking price.

Well no more. These days the vendors will be chatting to their friends and let out a half hearted "watches" as you walk by. Before, you were doing them a favour by buying their watches, now, they are doing you a favour by providing them and so you'll pay for the privilege.

How Much Are Fake Watches ?

As with buying almost anything in Thailand, it's down to how well you can bargain, but as a rule of thumb, we'd suggest you start by knocking the price down by at least 70% and then watch the reaction. If they just shake their head and start wrapping up the item, or turning away, you know you've gone too far, and it's difficult to do anything about it With that vendor. Just move on to the next remembering the last quote and how much you offered in return.

The "cost" of a fake watch will depend on the brand and style. If the style is simple, it'll be easier to fake and then cheaper to buy, but if it's quite complex, expect to pay more.
The brand should not matter, but some brands ( Rolex in particular ) is now quite common, whereas Omega is not ( although it is becoming more common since Casino Royale ).

So, How Much Should I pay ?

For simple faced watches by any brand male or female, expect to pay around 1,500 - 2,000 Baht. A more complex watch, larger size, with nice strap, you could be looking at 3,000 Baht which is now nearly 100 US dollars or 70 UK Pounds, which is no longer throw away money. You'll want that watch to work and you'll no longer be joking with your friends if it stops working the next day.

What Is The Quality Like ?

Quality has improved. We know of someone who took a watch to a repair shop and was told the workings were first class. However, the metal was poor and it "rusted" around the winder dial. Having said that, vendors will classify their watches by grade. A grade A watch is supposed to be a very good copy and a decent watch. Some vendors will say A+ or A++ meaning that it's top quality and spotting the difference between a real watch and a fake watch is for the trained eye only or even based on weight

So, these days, you pay more for your watch but you get a better quality watch. But you are buying a fake watch, you are buying illegal products and you have no recourse should it break the next day.

Where Can I Buy A Fake Watch ?

Three places spring to mind:
  • Silom Road
  • Sukhumvit between streets 12 and 3
  • MBK

MBK will be better if you don't fancy wandering around the streets after 7 pm as it's open from about 10.30 am to 8 pm although not all stalls are open until around lunch time.
If you like the idea of visiting the street stalls after 7 pm, then either walk along Silom Road ( starting at the Dusit Thani Hotel end which is on Rama IV road ) or try walking along Sukhumvit Road from about street number 12 until about Street number 3 ( Streets in Bangkok are called Soi(s) ).

There are other places in Bangkok where you can buy fake watches. Sometimes, there are people with mobile stalls near the Oriental Hotel, or around the Royal Orchid Sheraton, but MBK, Silom Road and Sukhumvit Road are your best bets.


MBK has a few specific stalls for fake watches. These counters can be found on the 2nd floor ( assuming the ground floor is not the first ). Just go up the escalators and turn round to your left. Teh stalls are free standing stalls and have watches in the glass counters but you'll need to look at the catalogues on the counters to see the kind of fake watches that might be available.

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