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iPad 2 prices Bangkok

iPad 2 Prices - Bangkok

ipad 2 price in Bangkok

The iPad 2 in Bangkok has come down in price now that the iPad 3 has been announced. This means that all iPad 2 prices have been reduced by 2,400 baht, so instead of starting at 15,900 Baht, they now start at 13,500 Baht

iPad 2 prices in Bangkok are similar to those in most countries as the price is strictly controlled by Apple. The only savings you will make is down to the VAT.

VAT in Thailand is currently 7% which you can get back if you buy from a shop offering VAT refunds to tourists.

One of the most common questions we get is: How much do iPads cost in Bangkok and as we've stated already, it's probably the same as your country with the exception of VAT.
Current prices are shown below: Prices are in Baht

iPAD 2 Prices Thailand
Wi-Fi Only
Wi-Fi + 3g


Issues With Buying An iPad

There are few issues to consider when buying an iPad in Thailand but the main thing will be the type of plug supplied which will be a two pin adaptor. It's easy enough to buy an adaptor plug to fit your country or just buy a new Apple adaptor from somewhere like Amazon when you get home.

Other than the plug, there is nothing to be concerned about. iPads bought in Thailand can have the same languages as anywhere else installed / enabled and the warranty is worldwide.

two pin plugs used in Thailand 3 pin plug used in Thailand
Standard 2 pin plug types as used in Thailand 3 pin electrical plug as used in Thailand

iPad Fakes

iPads in Bangkok and Thailand are not copied and there are no fake versions. There are ePads and other iPad like tablets on the market but they run Android or other software and are not marketed as Apple iPads so if you buy an iPad in Bangkok, you'll be buying an Apple and not a fake copy.

The only concern you might have is of buying one that has already been used and re-boxed. It's not very likely but possible.

If a shop is not an authorised reseller of Apple products and they are selling iPads, then the chances are they have been imported into Bangkok via the USA or Hong Kong. They will be perfectly good products but you might be charged a bit more because the seller will be trying to make a profit on what they bought it for. You will still benefit from the international warranty

Where Can I Buy an iPad in Bangkok ? There are a number of of Apple related outlets in Bangkok. Most can be find within the department stores and malls such as:

Look out for iStudio and official Apple Stores

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