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iPod Touch prices Bangkok

iPods for sale in Bangkok, Thailand

How Much Does an iPod Touch Cost in Bangkok ?

iPod prices in Bangkok will, like most electrical goods in Thailand, vary slightly depending on where you go to buy them and how well you can bargain the price if buying from a stall in a mall such as MBK or even Pantip Plaza which is probably the best know IT and gadgets mall in Bangkok, if not the whole of Thailand

As with most new electrical items going on sale in Thailand, iPod prices in Bangkok will be at a premium (but then again, most apple products are). The only thing you can expect is maybe a slight reduction in cost when buying from privately owned stalls. Prices at Apple stores, iStudio stores and malls will all be fixed price.

An 8gb 4th generation iPod touch from a Thai website called To Home (www.tohome.com) is selling - as of the 24th January, 20100 - for 7,900 Baht and includes VAT.

iPod Touch Prices Bangkok Apple Store
8 Gb 7,900
32 Gb 10,900
64 Gb 13,900

The prices above are for the official prices as deemed fit by Apple but MBK, Pantip Plaza and other malls where independent retailers can be found might produce lower prices but with much sought after items such as the iPod Touch, it's unlikely prices will be much less.

Hong Kong sells the 8 Gb iPod Touch for slightly over 7,000 Baht and so even with people importing them from Hong Kong, the price can't be dropped much so you might as well go to the Apple store.

iPod Touch prices Bangkok

Obviously, the amount of space / memory you go for will depend on the depth of your pockets but 13,900 Baht for a 64 Gb unit is expensive. In the UK, the 64 Gb version retails at around £334 which is the cost of a decent entry level laptop and would be considered a decent amplifier of a hi-fi system.

With the iPhone, iTouch and iPad all getting very close to each other, we'd be surprised if there was much of a market for something so expensive that can do what the iPhone can do, or most smart phones for that matter.

Anyway, when you come to Bangkok, or Thailand and you want to pick up the iPod Touch, then rest assured, you can.

Where to buy an iPod Touch in Bangkok

Most electrical departments within malls will have the iPod touch for sale. There's obviously the Apple stores and a side venture store called iStore which can be found in most malls in Bangkok.

If you really want to get a few Baht knocked of the asking price than head off to places like Pantip Plaza, MBK, Fortune Town or Chamchuri Square.

What iPod Touch fakes do I need to worry about ?

There are a few fakes doing the rounds but no-one will try to sell you a fake iPod Touch as an original. The "fakes" carry a different name, sell at a much lower price but look very similar.
We've not tested any of the "fakes" but we're sure they do a decent job of playing music. You just won't get the quality screen, battery life or the smooth operating system that comes with the iTouch.

ipod touch is multi-functional
video playback on the iPod Touch
iPod Touch 4th Generation
iPod Touch Bangkok - more than just an MP3 player

iPod Touch Accessories Bangkok

The iStudio and Apple stores will all carry official iPod accessories but you'll get a much greater variety by shopping around at Pantip Plaza and MBK. accessories will also cost less at these places.

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