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Mobile Phones in Bangkok | Buying A Mobile Phone Bangkok

Where To Buy A Mobile Phone in Bangkok

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Buying a mobile phone in Bangkok will not be a problem. What might be a problem is knowing where to buy it and deciding which mobile phone suits you the best because there are hundreds to choose from with many models available that might not be available in your country including the iPhone 3G which can be cracked and unlocked ready for use, but before you buy, make sure it really can be used in your country.. Everybody in Bangkok has a mobile phone and everybody wants the latest mobile phone.

Bangkok must have more mobile phone shops than any other country. Either the manufacturers themselves have outlets, or the service providers have mobile phone outlets or anyone who doesn't have any other job has a mobile phone stall and these stalls are in almost every shopping center in Thailand meaning there must be literally millions of phones, either new or second hand, waiting to be sold and bought.

mobile phones in Bangkok, Thailand

Where's The Best Place To Go To Buy A Mobile Phone?

Without a doubt, the most well known of these mobile phone "malls" in Bangkok is MBK shopping mall which has almost an entire floor dedicated to new and second hand mobile phones including phones that are not yet officially for sale in Thailand such as Apple's iPhone. These are brought over from countries that legally sell them and then they are cracked or unlocked to allow them to work with any network, but we doubt very much whether you'll get a warranty with one of these phones.

If you know the phone you want, there is a very good chance you"ll find it at MBK . This goes for mobile phone accessories and repairs with small stalls housing a man hunched over a soldering iron and some broken mobile phones.

Samsung Wave II
11,900 Baht
Blackberry Bold
17,900 Baht
Samsung Wave II
Blackberry Bold 9780
Blackberry Torch
21,490 Baht
HTC Touch Pro
22,900 Baht
Blackberry Torch
HTC Touch Pro
HTC Desire HD
22,900 Baht
HTC Desire HD
Sony Ericsson W595
13,790 Baht
Nokia C7
Nokia e72 Navigation
16,400 Baht
HTC Touch Pro
6,490 Baht
Nokia e72 Navigation
LG GT505


The latest mobile phones will cost you quite a lot of money but prices generally fall quite quickly and as soon as another model comes out.

Price Comparisons For Some Phones

It's possible to get the latest mobile phones second hand at some of the many hundreds of mobile phone stalls but we can't vouch for the quality of these phones or how long they'll last once you've bought it.

As mentioned earlier, Thais love the latest gadgets and the latest mobile phones are high on their list but many people buy them on the never-never, or on interest free credit purchase agreements which they sometimes can't afford and which is why new mobiles can be found in the second hand stalls.

The mobile phone system in Thailand is different from, let's say, the UK. In the UK, it's more common to get a mobile phone either free, or very cheaply with a contract you sign up with. This contract can be between 12 and 18 months and usually covers the cost of the phone, calls, text messages etc depending on the package you buy. In Thailand however, you buy your phone and then sign up to a service or you opt for the "pay as you go" system which is probably why there are so many second hand phones on the market. It's too easy to get rid of the one you already have. Also, Thais want you to believe they can afford new items and so a mobile phone shows they can afford it, whereas in the West, we're not as concerned about this kind of thing.

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