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Money Exchange in Bangkok

If you are looking for reliable money exchange in bangkok then there are plenty of money exchanges and bureau de changes in Bangkok offering safe currency exchange. In most tourist shopping areas, small booths can be found next to shops and many of the large shopping malls have banks or exchange booths where you can change your money. To change cash you don't need your passport, but for cashing travellers checks and other money transfers, you will need to present your passport.

Siam Paragon Shopping Complex
has banks on the ground floor which are open 7 days a week but there are a few exchange booths on some of the floors of the complex. Central Childom Department Store has a bank at the entrance from the BTS ( skytrain ) station. When you get off the skytrain as Chidlom, you can walk into Central Chidlom via the connecting footbridge and the bank will be in front of you when you enter the store.

Super Rich Money Exchangers in Bangkok, Thailand

Super Rich 1965 & Super Rich ( Thailand ) - Money Exchange

We were always under the assumption that Super Rich was one business but it came to our attention today that they are actually two different businesses - right next to each other.

Super Rich 1965 is the one with a number of branches and sports the orange and green logo ( above ) , but Super Rich ( Thailand ) is a single branch with a darkish green facia. The latter of the two Super Rich's offers a better exchange rate but is less "user friendly".

Super Rich 1965 is a dedicated money exchange shop in Bangkok which uses a kind of bank system for changing money. It is not a bank but it is an authorised money exchanger and it is usually busy with Thais changing money...and large amounts of it.

If you want to exchange fairly large amounts of money, then we suggest you give Super Rich 1965 a visit as the exchange rates are very competitive and you can get a good deal.

At the time of writing ( November 22, 2008 ) Super Rich ( Thailand ) was selling UK pounds for 53 Baht, but Super Rich 1965 was offering them at 53.2. Two banks offered them at 53.3 and 53.4 and so if you're changing large amounts, try Super Rich ( Thailand ) opposite Super Rich 1965. Just don't let all the men hanging around outside the shops put you off or hustle you into the orange Super Rich 1965 shops ( unless you want to of course )

Where is Super Rich ?

Super Rich money exchangers in the center of Bangkok is fairly easy to find. First of all, you need to find your way to Central World Plaza Shopping Mall once there, turn your back to the mall and look across the road and you'll spot Big C and EVG. Cross the road via the footbridge and then go down the road which is to the left of Big C. Once down that road, walk to the first turning to the left and once you turn left, you should spot Super Rich 1965 in front of you, on the corner, to your left.

Super Rich ( Thailand )money exchange has a greenish sign is on the opposite corner, looks older and doesn't really look like a place to exchange money. The Orange Super Rich has men sitting outside and are not there to mug you, but they will stand up and try to usher you inside. If you want to go to Super Rich ( Thailand ), ignore them and walk to the opposite corner and just open the door. Inside is small with a single, information desk like counter on your left and a small amount of seating on your right. It'll probably be busy with no real indication of a queue so approach the counter, tell them what you want and hand over your cash upon which you'll receive a small receipt indicating what you've paid and what you will receive. Find a seat and wait to be called and they'll hand over your currency of choice. It's all safe and you'll not get ripped off ( pretty sure you won't anyway ).

Super Rich ( Thailand ): Tel: +66 2 254 4444.

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There is also a small Super Rich money exchange booth on Silom road outside the entrance to Subway, KFC and Shabu Shi.

Super Rich money exchange booth at Silom road

Thai banks are easy to come by and you can change your money at almost all of them. The exchange rate will be decent but the commission on travellers cheques can be a little steep, so you might want to change a few rather than changing just what you need for the day.

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