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iPod and MP3 players in Bangkok | Where to buy MP3 players

Where To Buy iPod and MP Players in Bangkok

The iPod and iTouch have become common place in Bangkok. Thais have adopted using mp3 players but probably not as much as their foreign friends. Thais are more interested in mobile phones than in mp3 players and iPods but they still buy them and they are still easy to find and the choice is decent.

iPods, iTouch and iPhone

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It's fairly difficult to keep up with all the new generations of iPod mp3 players but with the large number of specialist Apple stores popping up all the time in most of the shopping malls, it's not difficult to track one down. The shops selling iPods and iTouch mp3 players are called iBeat but they come under various names and are dedicated more to the iPods, iTouch and accessories than the Apple MAC computers. If you are after a computer, track down an Apple store at Pantip Plaza, Fortune Town and even Siam Paragon or Siam Discovery Centre which is just next door, and if you are Siam Discovery, yo umight as well push on through to MBK which is just a five minute walk away.

mp3 players in Bangkok, Thailand

As with all portable electrical items, heading off to MBK can reap rewards and savings. There are hundreds of small stalls selling all types of MP3 players, many of which are knock offs of the iPod, but are not generally marketed as being an iPod. One local brand or S.E Asian brand is Soken which specialises in CD and DVD players as well as MP3 players and so if you are short of cash, but want a fairly decent player, then Soken is worth a look. They have nice designs and some good specifications but not the name normally associated with quality mp3 players by brands such as Creative, Samsung, Apple or Cowon.

Thais are crazy about accessories and so there are also a lot of stalls ( particularly so in MBK ) selling pouches and cases for your mp3 players and iPods, whether the items are official merchandise is anyone's guess, but it shouldn't matter.

So, where should you go if looking to buy an:

iPod or iTouch ? Well, we suggest MBK
Creative mp3 player ? We suggest Pantip Plaza or Fortune Town ( take Underground to Rama 9. It's righ there )
Samsung mp3 Player ? We suggest Siam Paragon or Emporium

MP3 Player Prices

Please note, these prices are examples and are subject to change. We do not sell these MP3 players and we are not responsible for the prices or any changes.

Prices as of Novemebr 2008

Creative MuVo T200 2 Gb = 2,890 Baht Creative Zen Mosaic 2 Gb = 3,490 Baht
4 Gb = 4,490 Baht
Creative MuVo T200   Creative Zen Mosaic  
Creative Zen 4 Gb = 5,990 Baht
8 Gb = 7,490 Baht
Creative Zen Neeon2 2 Gb = 2,590 Baht
4 Gb = 3,390 Baht
Creative Zen   Creative Zen Neeon2  
Creative Zen V Plus 4 Gb = 5,290 Baht
Creative Zen V Plus      
iPod shuffle 2 Gb = 2,950 Baht iPod Nano Chromatic 8   Gb = 6,290 Baht
16 Gb = 8,290 Baht
iPod shuffle   iPod Nano Chromatic  
iPod classic 80 Gb = 8,290 Baht
120 Gb = 9,900 Baht
160 Gb = 11, 490 Baht
iTouch 2nd Generation

8 Gb = 8,890 Baht
16 Gb = 11,490 Baht
32 Gb = 15,290 Baht

iPod classic   iTouch 2nd Generation  
Samsung YP-K3 4 Gb = 4,990 Baht 4 Gb = 5,450 Baht
Samsung YP-K3   Samsung YP-K5  
2 Gb = 4,890 Baht
4 Gb = 5,790 Baht
8 Gb = 7,290 Baht
Samsung YP-T10 2 Gb = 3,890 Baht
4 Gb = 4,890 Baht
8 Gb = 6,290 Baht
Samsung YP-S5   Samsung YP-T10  

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