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Samsung Galaxy S4 prices in Bangkok

Samsung Galaxy S4 Prices Bangkok

Samsung Galaxy S4 prices in Bangkok

The Samsung Galaxy S4 prices in Bangkok are set to be about 21,900 Baht but unlike Apple has no fixed price so shopping around in places such as MBK Shopping Centre which has a massive new and used mobile phone section on the 4th floor, might see prices fluctuate a bit.

The Thai shopping website: is listing it at 21,890 Baht (quoted on 13.05.2013) which is roughly 483.00 UK pounds or 738.00 US Dollars. If you really must have this phone, buy it when you see it. It's selling FAST.

Bearing in mind that UK VAT is 20% and Thai VAT is 7%, it works out as being "cheaper" in the UK if you can claim back VAT. However, if you get your 7% VAT back it makes it more desirable to buy in Bangkok or Thailand as long as it's unlocked.

As we mentioned on our Samsung Galaxy S3 page, we own the S3 and we really like it due to its impressive screen functionality, clarity of calls and so on but we do wonder what the S4 can bring to the mobile phone table that wasn't already featured in the S3 ?

What we don't like too much is the size of it. It's just that little bit too big but this will be more apparent in small hands.

Buying the Samsung S4 in Bangkok shouldn't be too difficult but there is a trend at the moment for Samsung to be ahead of the iPhone when it comes to sales and the iPhone "trendy" factor is wearing off and a number of iPhone users are expressing an interest in swapping over.

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My point is that Thais love to follow the latest trends and if Samsung is the latest trend, the Thais will follow it, so whereas the Samsung S3 was popular, the iPhone 5 still had the slight edge.

There is a wind of change in the air and I think Thais are going to go with the Samsung S4 and so availability of the Samsung S4 in Bangkok and Thailand might well be limited.

There are rumours that Samsung is already having issues fulfilling orders so be prepared for a shortage and where there is a shortage and a huge demand, comes an inflated retail price in places such as MBK.

Where Can I Buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 in Bangkok ? There are a number of mobile phone outlets in Bangkok. Most can be find within the department stores and malls such as:


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