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Siam Discovery Center - Bangkok

Siam Discovery, Bangkok is a medium sized shopping complex housing many well known, brand name shops such as North Face, Diesel, Gucci and so on..

Siam Discovery Center has one or two coffee shops such as Au Bon Pain and a number of restaurants such as Oishi and the great Aussie Outback Steak House, but in general, it's for shopping purposes "only". Having said that though, there is an EGV Cineplex where you can enjoy the latest movies.

The shopping complex can be found between MBK and Siam Paragon and is easy to get to by BTS. Just get off at Siam and it's a two minute walk from the station.

The Siam Discovery Center is owned by Siam Piwat Co., Ltd which also owns Siam Center which just happens to be right next door.


10:00 - 22:00


Entrance to Siam Discovery Center
Replay fashions
Main entrance to Siam Discovery Center
Replay fashions

Siam Discovery Center

Opened in 1997, the mall consists of 6 floors dedicated to various shops which range from high fashion for women to climbing and hiking gear from The North Face. The concept of Siam Discovery is that each of its 6 floors is a concept of shops although this can't be strictly adhered to.

It's not all fashion or clothing. You can find audio and hi-fi shops by the likes of Sony and Bang & Olufsen, musical instrument shops selling electric guitars, drums and other musical instruments as well as furniture and home decor shops.

For those after a little pampering, there is a Tony & Guy's, Shiseido.

For a comprehensive directory of shops, please visit the official Siam Discovery Web site

Where Is Siam Discovery?

The shopping mall is situated in the most popular shopping area in Bangkok: Siam. It is next to Siam Center and no more than a five minutes walk from both Siam Paragon and MBK.

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The interior
six floors of shops
Very clean, modern and well designed
6 floors of shops
DKNY at Siam Discovery Center
Kipling leather bags and accessories
Kipling leather goods

The Siam area is generally a teenager's hang out. Siam Center, right next door to Discovery, is the shopping mall for teenagers. There are hundreds of teenagers milling around and all the shops are geared towards that age group, but Siam Discovery is aimed squarely at young adults and up. There is very little to attract people looking for a bargain.

Stella Luna, Bangkok
Karen Millen, Bangkok
Stella Luna
Karen Millen

What Can I Buy There ?

You can buy top brand fashions from many well known brands. Most of the brands will be common to your own country and possibly even more expensive. We looked at a North Face jacket and it was roughly 250 GBP but the same jacket would have cost around 150 back in the UK. But this price hike is common throughout Bangkok and Thailand. Cars are a prime example. We saw the new Passat CC on sale for 2.5 million Baht but the "same" car is on sale in UK for 1.2 million Baht

Only shop here if you really can't find it elsewhere. For a comprehensive directory of shops, please visit the official Siam Discovery Web site

Who Shops There ?

It always seems quiet and most of the people who are there are generally passing through going to or from MBK. This is possible because the skywalk footbridge system connects Siam Discovery to MBK but not from MBK to Siam Paragon. The easiest and coolest way to get from MBK to Siam Paragon, is to go through Siam Discovery and then Siam Center and so much of the human traffic is just passing through.

Many of the others are window shopping, going up to the EGV cineplex or meeting friends at Au Bon Pain for a coffee and a chat.

Pro Cam Fis
Pro Cam Fis - Camping & Outdoor
Equinox - Camping & Outdoor

Should I Shop There?

If you have the money to pay the prices for the kind of goods that are on offer and you prefer a much quieter shopping experience than you might get at Siam Paragon or Central World, then by all means do your shopping there, but most of the shops can be found in the two shops mentioned above and they give a more complete shopping experience by offering plenty of places to stop and have a drink or coffee. There are loads of restaurants and other things going on whereas Siam Discovery is a place to shop or pass through.

It is a very good mall and the shops are plentiful and attractive but it's just not as good as the other places and might not be worth the effort especially if you are not going to be in Bangkok for very long. You'd be better off spending your time elsewhere.

Steve Madden
Sony Center
Steve Madden
Sony Center
Au Bon Pain
Outback Steakhouse
Au Bon Pain
Outback Steakhouse

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