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Siam Paragon Bangkok is Bangkok's premier shopping mall. To call it a shopping "mall" is demeaning because it is a show case of the best products on the market. The Paragon Department Store in Bangkok is your standard department store offering women's and men's fashion, sports goods, electical goods and the standard sections one would find in a department store, but prices will be higher than if you shopped around and went to other malls such as Central Department Store.

The "mall" section of Siam Paragon is made up of hundreds of different stores and shops carrying high end brand names such as Gucci, Bulgari, Paul Smith, Jimmy Choo, BMW, Porche and many many more. If you wanted to buy a Ferrari, and compare it to a Hummer, both will probably be on display at Siam Paragon.


Where Is Siam Paragon?

The Siam Paragon is easy to get to by the Bangkok Skytrain system. Just get to Siam station and when you get off, you can walk almost straight into the shopping mall from one of two entrances. Follow the exit signs from the skytrain which will point you in the right direction .
You'll find that as with many department stores and other areas of Bangkok, there is security at each entrance which consists of a walk through metal detector similar to those at an airport. The difference being that they rarely take any notice of any buzzing sounds when they go off and only sometimes peak into a person's bag. The security is not necessary when exiting.

Entrance to Siam Paragon in Bangkok Skytrain next to Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok
Main entrance to Siam Paragon Skytrain system right next to Siam Paragon

General Information

Telephone + 66 (0)2 610 8000
Opening Hours Mon- Sun 10 am - 10 pm
BTS Get off at Siam and then follow signs that will take you to the footbridge that connects to Siam Paragon
Address 991 Rama I Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330
Credit Cards All Major cards accepted
Discounts 5% with Siam Paragon Privilege card or Emporium Card
Pros Very large selection of items. Many top brand name outlets, plenty of places to stop for a drink, eat and relax. Modern theatres and an excellent electrical department.
Cons Few. The Siam Paragon department store is similar to all the others. Food hall gets crazy busy at lunch times.
Places Nearby: Siam Centre, Siam Discovery, Siam Square, MBK, Central World Plaza, Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel.
Official Website:

Security at Siam Paragon
Security At Siam Paragon. Notice the metal detector ?

Why Go To Siam Paragon?

You go to Siam Paragon if you have a lot of money to spend on exotic goods and hugely expensive items of jewelry, cars, watches and clothing because Siam Paragon is home to such high end stores as Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Burberry and Bugari just to name a few.
If you are not there to spend a fortune, or you don't have a fortune to spend, then you are more likely to go and take a look at those things and then saunter off to one of the many, many restaurants or cafes ( there are at least 5 Starbucks cafes ), or to see a movie at one of the many movie theaters available. If a movie doesn't tickle your fancy, go bowling or even visit Siam Ocean World.

Siam Ocean World / Basement

Starting in the basement of Siam Paragon, you can find various sections which lead into the car park. Some of these sections cover key cutting and shoe repair services, or flower shops, massage parlours and even a post office
Siam Ocean WorldThe basement of The Siam Paragon Shopping Mall in Bangkok consists primarily of Siam Ocean World which is a huge walk-through aquarium and is a great place to take the kids to have a look at aquatic life such as sharks, manta rays, eels, turtles and many other species. Unfortunately Ocean World operates a double pricing policy. Thais pay much less than tourists or non-Thais and they cover this up by writing the amount in Thai script so you won't know. Below's image shows the prices as shown at Siam Paragon's Ocean World but I've added the English in yellow below the Thai script. You can see just how much more expensive it it for visitors. I'm surprised to see this double pricing at a place that sells the world's top cars to rich Thais as 3 to 4 times what you'd pay in Australia, the USA or UK (an Astin Martin on sale in the UK for 9,000,000 Baht costs 55,000,000 Baht in Thailand) and yet these same people are charged so much less for a visit to see a few fish.

The Siam Paragon's Underwater World charges locals much less than tourists
This is a section taken from the board that is above the entrance to Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon. It shows Thai text and an English version. We have added yellow prices in English so you can see what Thais are charged.
Thai adults pay 450 Baht. Thai children pay 280 Baht, but look what tourists pay !! ( prices might have increased since, so please check).

When you enter Siam Ocean World, girls will usher you into the correct line for your tickets as a tourist.

Also in the basement section, next to Siam Ocean World, is a True Internet Cafe where you can surf the Internet as well as pay your True bills.
Different pricing structure for tourists  

The Ground Floor

The first floor or ground floor of Siam Paragon is all about food and banks. Here you'll find the very well stocked but pricey supermarket, restaurants, a Thai food court and various food outlets such as Burger King, McDonalds, Au Bon Pain, MOS Burger, Subway and a plethora of other restaurants and stalls selling cakes, snacks and much more. It gets very, very busy from about 11.30 am onwards so if you want a quiet time, get there when it opens at 10 a.m

places to eat at Siam Paragon in Bangkok Plenty of places to eat at Siam Paragon
Plenty of restaurants on the ground floor Siam Paragon is a great place to to eat
Thai food to take home at Siam Paragon Siam Paragon offers plenty of bakery products, chocolateand even sandwiches
Thai syle food at Siam Paragon Plenty of chocolate, cakes and bakery items

On the same floor, you can find a few banks which will be open at the weekends. You can exchange money at these banks and perform money transfers and standard banking transactions. There are at least four different banks including Bangkok Bank and Kasikorn Bank, two of Thailand's biggest banks.

Plenty of Banks at Siam Paragon Banks at Siam Paragon
Bangkok Bank at Siam Paragon Siam Commercial Bank next to KFC

Still on the ground floor but in a quieter section, you can find up-market Japanese and Chinese restaurants, as well as Le Notre, Tony Romas and The Oriental Deli.
This level is also a good place to find spa products from different manufacturers but they can be expensive.

TIP: If you are hungry and haven't yet tried a MOS burger, take the opportunity to eat one of the best burgers going. MOS burger is a Japanese fast food burger outlet selling freshly made burgers ( and other items ) that are to die for.

MOS burger. Japanese burgers at Siam Paragon in Bangkok
Freshly made MOS burger. Best fast food burgers !  

At MOS Burger, queue up at the counter, give your order, grab a number and find a seat. Your freshly cooked burgers will be delivered to your table. Burgers are served in a grease proof sheet of paper and set in a basket. It gets messy to eat the burger but there's waterless soap available to wash your hands afterwards.

There are plenty of clean toliets on all levels. On the ground floor, head for the back, near Tony Romas. There you'll find toilets for men and women, close to the elevators.

The Mezzanine Floor

One floor up from the gound floor is the Mezzanine floor which is pretty much dedicated to all high end luxury brands. Here you can find the following stores at Siam Paragon.

Scavia Audenars Piguet Marc Jacob Club 21 Accessories
Patek Philippe Omega The Peninsula Boutique & Cafe
Espace De L'Oriental United Overeas Bank Jim Thompson
Versace Balenciaga Tod's Salvatore Ferragamo
Mulberry Kenzo Jimmy Choo Hermes
Gucci Giorgio Armani Escada Ermenegildo Zegna
Emilio Pucci Dolce & Gabbana Chloe Chanel
Canali Burberry Bottega Veneta Yafriro
Valentino Staurino @ Galerie Supatana Sincere
S.T. Diamond Design Rolex PMT The Hour Glass Prima Gems
Piaget Boutique Pendulum Pannarai Jewellers Mont Blan
Mikimoto Karat Jinn Harry Winston
Frank's Jewelry & Watch Boutique Franck Muller Damas
Chopard Boutique Charms Fine Jewelry Cartier Bvlgari
Brequet Blue River Diamond Blancpain Sette

1st Floor

The first floor of Siam Paragon is more of the Mezzanine floor. There are high fashion outlets and more jewelry stores but many of these are local Thai stores which Thais have given hi-so sounding French names in an attempt to make them more exotic and high class. These shops offer a good standard of jewelry and you can almost certainly be assured of the authenticity of the goods they sell, but if you've got that much money to spend, why not get the "real" thing from Bulgari or Swarkovski.

Shops and outlets which can be found on the first floor are:

Code 10 Starbucks Kiehl's Duly
Asava Grey Hound Cafe Nai Chan
Alta Moda Zara T-Atsu
Footwork Noir Rouge Riko Noriko Naf Naf
MNG Massimo Dutti Jaspal Footwork
Fly Now Crazy Step CN Cravathai Greyhound
Swarkovski Shianghai Tang Porsche Design Paul Smith
Mandarina Duck Kate Spade VJC Versace Emporio Armani
Coach Boss Hugo Boss Vertu
Xavier by Uthai Jewelry Trocadero Time Trex Jewelry Trang's By Chua Lee
Sirinapa Diamond Siam Tiara Rajdamri Gems Le Beau
P & P Jewelry Bijoux De Louise Jaeger Lecoultre IWC
Gems Pavillion Dinakara D'mond Prestige

2nd Floor

Life Style & Leisure

Life style and Leisure it is and you'll need an awful lot of money if you are going to buy from the shops on this floor. Having said that, not all the shops are expensive but you can easily drop 55 million Baht for an Aston Martin or a few million on a Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini. You can even buy a Hummer

Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Pioneer, Bose and Bang & Olufsen all have show rooms on this level and there are a number of Hi-Fi stores selling Hi-Fi from the USA and the UK although much more comes from the USA. These are privately owned Hi-Fi shops selling more dedicated and hi-end hi-fi equipment. If you want more standard equipment, head up to the 4th floor of the Paragon Department Store and head for the Power Mall Ultra section and there, in a domed enclosure, you'll find the hi-fi, home entertainment systems.

The rest of the 2nd floor is dedicated to a variety of shops selling sunglasses & eyewear, golf equipment and beauty products

Lamborghini at Siam Paragon
Maserati at Siam Paragon
Lamborghini at Siam Paragon
Maserati at Siam Paragon

3rd Floor

Living & Technology

As the heading suggests, this section is all about the home and technology but the technology is primarily aimed at mobile phones.

The home furnishings and decoration shops comprise such big names as: Martha Stewart Signature , Jaspal Home Collection , Thomasville and Barbara Barry but there are a number of Asian and Thai home decor shops. Some sell traditional Thai and Asian styles but others are more modern.

4th Floor

Paragon Passage and IT World

The 4th floor is made up of a mixture of stores and venues. Primarily, the 4th floor is aimed at high quality Thai arts, crafts, silk products and furnishings. There is a lot of very nicely made items in this section and it's well worth a visit although many of the goods on sale are expensive.

Another section is made up of IT City, CD / DVD stores, book shops and a large California Wow ! for those who wish to travel to a large department store in order to exercise.

In another section there is a kids' education zone where young children can get extra lessons in English, Maths, Chinese, Music, Art and even extra curricular activities such as Dancing, Taekwondo and even Tennis.

Top Floor ( 5 & 6 )

The top floor of Siam Paragon is primarily set up for entertainment purposes in the shape of a huge cine-complex named Paragon Cineplex , the Krunsri IMAX Theatreand the large Blu-O Rythm Bowl bowling alley but there is also a very large theater / presentation hall called The Royal Paragon Hall for special events and shows. It's like a noraml theatre with seating.

There is also a "standard" paragon Hall which spends a lot of it's time empty although there are occasions when it is used to showcase the latest products such as cameras, computers, or other electrical products such as the latest Plasma and LCD televisions. It is also used to promote holiday destinations around Thailand at various times of the year

Siam Paragon Cineplex
IMAX theatre in Bangkok
Paragon Cineplex
Krungsri IMAX theatre.


Floor: 5-6 F
Large Cineplex with multiple theatres showing movies in English and Thai. English sountrack movies have Thai subtitles. Theatres are of very good quality and there is even a VIP / Exclusive section where you pay a lot more but you get complimentary drinks, lounge seating before the movie and comfortable reclining chairs with pillows and a blanket. The toilets are the best we've ever seen !!
Tel: 02 1294614
Opening Times: Mon-Fri : 10 am.-10 pm.
Sat-Sun : 10 am.-10 pm.


Floor: 5-6 F
The only 3D and IMAX theatre in Thailand with a screen equal to 8 stories high and is the biggest screen in Thailand. The sound is meant to be better and the picture sharper and clearer.
Some of teh films shown in 3D are: Superman Returns 3D, Ant Bully 3D, Happy Feet 3D and Open Season 3D.
Tel: 02 1294631
Opening Times: Mon-Fri : 10 am.-10 pm.
Sat-Sun : 10 am.-10 pm.


Floor: 5-6 F
38 bowling lanes with various bowling games to keep you entertained. The lighting changes to give more atmosphere and the latest tunes are played to make it a more enjoyable and entertaining experience.
There is a VIP bowling section which allows for up to 30 people to bowl and party in private.
Tel: 02 1294626
Website: N/A
Opening Times: Mon-Fri : 10 am.-10 pm.
Sat-Sun : 10 am.-10 pm.

Blu-O Rythm & Bowl
IT-City at Siam Paragon
Blu-O Rythm & Bowl
IT-City for computers and peripherals

Photo Gallery

Outside Siam Paragon
Water feature
External Water Feature
Benches to sit and enjoy the water feature
Information desk at Siam Paragon
Shopping Directory
Information Desk
Shopping Directory
Skytrain as seen from inside Siam Paragon
Skytrain from inside Siam Paragon
Paragon supermarket
Paragon's Gourmet Supermarket
Various foods available
pastries and pies
Pastries and Pies
Whittards for tea, coffee and cakes
Oriental Shop and Deli
fish-pond around restaurants
The Oriental Shop / Deli
Fish Pond near restaurants
Le Notre French restaurant
Thai restaurant
Le Notre French restaurant
Thai restaurant
Japanese Restaurant
Peninsula Cafe
Aoi Japanese restaurant
The Peninsula Cafe
Home Decorations
Home decor
Home decor
home furnishings
pillows, cushions, art
Thai souvenirs
Pillows, picture frames, bedding
Loft home furnishings
The Loft for modern home decorations
Home decorations
Antique shops
Thai antiquities
Thai and Chinese antiques
Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc
Yafriro Jewelry / Watches
ATM machines
Western Union
Plenty of ATM machines
Send and Receive Money

Hotels Near Siam Paragon

Pathumwan Princess Hotel at MBK
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $139
Comments Direct access to MBK
Book Hotel Book The Pathumwan Princess Here
Siam Bangkok on Siam Square
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $94
Comments The Novotal is just 10-15 minutes walk from MBK. Part of Siam Square and close to Siam Paragon.
Book Hotel Book The Novotel Hotel Here
Siam @ Siam hotel
Star Rating 4.5
Average Rate $124
Comments The Siam @ Siam is roughly a 10 minute walk from MBK
Book Hotel Book The Siam @ Siam Here
Asia Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 4
Average Rate $94
Comments The Asia Hotel is about a 15 minute walk to MBK but a short taxi ride and close to Skytrain station..
Book Hotel Book The Asia Hotel Here
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $263
Comments 20 minute walk but next to Skytrain and easy to get to National Stadium. Next to Central World Plaza
Book Hotel Book The Grand Hyatt Here
Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $207
Comments Close to Central World Plaza. No more than a 5 minute walk. Close to BTS station
Book Hotel Book The Intercontinental Here
The Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $205
Comments No more than a 5 minute walk. Close to BTS station and next to Grand Hyatt. A good Location
Book Hotel Book The Four Seasons Here
Centara Hotel in Bangkok
Star Rating 5
Average Rate $89
Comments Part of Central World Plaza. An Excellent location for all of Bangkok
Book Hotel Book The Centara Here

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