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Bangkok Subway / MRT

The Bangkok Subway or MRT is a very efficient, reliable and clean mode of transport in Bangkok, Thailand. It was opened in 2005 and has proven popular but less popular than the skytrain due to its serving less popular areas of Bangkok.

Security on the underground in Bangkok is tight and every time you enter a station your bags will be searched, albeit quickly and not very thoroughly.

The Bangkok MRT subway system is a single line which intersects three times with the Skytrain BTS system. The line runs from Bang Sue (Chatuchak Weekend Market) to Hua Lampong (Main train station)

The underground system covers a few places not covered by the Skytrain system including the Thai Cultural Centre, Fortune Town shopping arcade which is great for IT equipment and the national train station..

Silom Subway entrance
underground entrance at Bangkok
Entrance to subway at Silom
A standard underground entrance

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a journey for the subway depends on your location and destination, but it is a cheap system to use and attracts many people to use it and has helped ease the traffic situation but the subway is limited in length and fewer people use it than the Skytrain. It has now been open 4 years and not a single new station has opened. Expect to pay between 15 and 50 Baht for a token which can be purchased from a vending machine. The machine takes 5 and 10 Baht coins which can be obtained from the change counter, oryou can feed notes into the machine which uses a touch screen monitor to select your destination. The screen will probably be in Thai, but you can select English. Your token will drop out the bottom along with any change.

Did You Say A Token?

token as used on the MRT subway

Yes, the Bangkok subway system takes tokens instead of tickets. The gates which you pass through to enter have a plate to the right of the gate you choose and you touch the token to the plate and the gates in front of you open. On passing through the gates to leave the subway, you put the token in the slot and the token is retained.

If you choose to buy a travel pass, it will be like a credit card and you tap the card on the sensor to enter and leave through the gates.

Travel Cards and Travel Passes

Travel Card

There are a number of travel cards or travel passes available. You can get day travel cards for adults and students, or, if you are staying longer and will use the subway often, you might want to get a stored value card.

Is It Safe & Reliable ?

The underground in Bangkok is both safe and reliable. In rush hour, starting around 7 am until about 9 am trains run very frequently at roughly 3 minute intervals but not much is open at those times and the trains can get very busy with people heading off to work but with the security at every station, and with bags, packages, backpacks etc being searched before being allowed down into the station, it's a safe system. Trains run approximately every 5 minutes when not rush hour.
There are also station guards at each end of the platform to ensure the safety of the passengers. A yellow line is on the platform to indicate a safe distance to stand before a train arrives although the track and the platform is separated by glass with sliding doors which open to give access to the train. There is no chance of falling or being pushed onto the tracks.

Where Can I Go ?

The subway covers fewer business and shopping areas than the skytrain and stops at almost none of the malls or department stores. Hua Lampong train station, The Thai Cultural Center, Fortune Tower, Silom Road, Queen Sirikit Convention Center and Chatuchak Weekend Market are the main stations for visitors, but it allows for a change at Asoke which is a central spot for the Skytrain.It also does not go to the sight seeing tourist areas such as temples.

Subway token machine
escalators in subway in Bangkok
Token machine as used in subway stations
Escalators with a lift for wheelchair users

Map Of Subway / MRT Stations

Map of Bangkok BTS system
The Subway line is shown in blue

Operating Hours
Everyday 06.00hr. – 24.00hr.
Frequency Every 5 minutes during peak hours of 06.00 – 09.00. and 16.30 – 19.30.
  Every 7 minutes during off peak hours.

Contact Information
Address: Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited
Administration Building, 189 RAMA IX Rd., Huaykhwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand
Tel: General + 66 (0) 2354-2000
Fax: + 66 (0) 2354-2040
Tel: Customer Relations + 66 (0) 2624-5200
E-mail crc@bangkokmetro.co.th

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