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Exterior view of Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok Walk way from skytrain station

Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok is the latest shopping mall to be opened in Bangkok and for those of you asking whether Bangkok needs another shopping mall the answer has to be "it depends".

Terminal 21 is diffferent from the other high end malls because it has a large number of privately owned shops rather than your typical brand named chain stores.

The brand named stores are there - don't get us wrong - but they take up just the first floor whereas the other floors (apart from the food hall and cineplex) are dedicated to shops that offer items that are fairly unique.

Exterior view of Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok Walk way from skytrain station

General Information

Telephone + 66 (0)2 108-0888
Opening Hours Mon- Sun 10 am - 10 pm
BTS / MRT Asoke / Sukhumvit
Address Sukhumvit Soi 19, Sukhmvit, North Klongtoei, Bangkok, 10110
Credit Cards All Major cards accepted
Email info@terminal21.co.th
Pros Unique stores offering items not necessarily found elsewhere - excellent food hall / restaurants
Cons Newest malls always get busy
Main Hotel: Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit which is located in the same building.
Official Web site: www.terminal21.co.th

Terminal 21 shopping mall is best for

Clothes & Fashion. All floors are dedicated to clothing or fashion apart from coffee shops and the floors dedicated to food or cinema.
I don't think we saw cameras shops, dvd / cd shops etc so consider this a clothes shopping mall "only".

starbucks Bangkok coffee world

Terminal 21 is supposed to resemble an airport terminal but there is little on the outside to suggest that except for the signs that say things like "Gate 1" but they are only apparent when you get close to the entrance. Once inside, you can ask the girls at the information desk, who are dressed as cabin crew, where everything is.

A unique aspect of Terminal 21 is that each floor is decorated with city landmarks from around the world - one notable landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco which stretches from one side of one floor to another and stretches over the escalators. The bridge can't be walked on so it's decorative only.

Other floors pay homage to London, Tokyo, Paris, Rome and a number of others.



How To Get To Terminal 21

The best way to get to Terminal 21 shopping mall in bangkok is to catch the sky train and get off at Asoke station. Alternatively, you could take the MRT underground and get off at Sukhumvit both of which offer almost direct access to the mall

As with all malls and shopping centres in Bangkok, taxi drivers know where to go so if you have no easy access to either the skytrain or subway, just grab a taxi and they'll get you there but be warned, traffic on Sukhumvit can get jammed.

Levis store at Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok Walk way from skytrain station

Lower Ground Floor (Caribbean)

The lower ground floor offers up the best burgers in Bangkok - Mos Burger. If you've never had a MOS burger, make this something you do when in Thailand. They are to die for. After that, you can chase it (or them) down with some ice-crean from Baskin Robbins or some juice from De Juice. If you prefer a sugar rush, grab a Mister Donut or a sweet crepe from Crepe box.

There is a bit of a mish-mash of places on this level. Banks, Bakery, Chinese dumplings and even Asia Books

Ground Floor (Rome)

The first floor of Terminal 21 shopping mall is "Rome" and is dedicated to brand named shops such as Adidas, Camel Active, Jaspal, Nike and G2000 to name but a few. There are roughly 20 shops on this floor

Mezzanine Floor (Paris)

Exterior view of Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok Walk way from skytrain station

It's not often you get to walk along the Champs Elysees whilst in Bangkok but you can at least get a sense of it at Terminal 21 - well, to some degree anyway.

This is where the non-brand named shops begin although there are still some brand named favourites such as Esprit, AIIZ, Etude and Charles & Keith (Bags and shoes).

But you don't want to shop there ! Why not take a peek at places like CINEMA or STRAWBERRY GOODNIGHT which sell in-trend and casual attire. Forget the rather soppy and cutesy names which is all the rage in Bangkok - take a peek and perhaps walk away with something unexpected.

For those of you who just have to have a coffee, there's a Starbucks on this floor too


1st Floor (Tokyo)

Terminal 21's next level is the Tokyo floor with many different stores to choose from with some notable names such as Sugar & Cream (Ladies fashion), Ange'Lover, NA'TSU, OH-SAP! and Happy Corset. Generally, all the shops are calssified as In-Trend and fashion stores. We particularly like the names Lady Phat, Pinky Skully and Post-Nerd. They conjure up images of the owners desparately trying to think of a unique name for their shop / stall and randomly opening a dictionary and pointing to any words on the page and bolting them together. Although you have to wonder whether the name Sweet Drug was given a second thought.

For those of you who had a Starbuck's on the floor below and need another jolt to get you to the next level, there's always Coffee World to get you unhinged.

Neptune Seven Stars at Terminal 21

2nd Floor (London)

If you've managed to get to all the shops up to this level, you'll probably keep going and you are dedicated Bangkok lover and shopper. Either that or you had that second shot of coffee.

Terminal 21's London level offers up more fashion stores and more random stabbings at a dictionary to think up novel names for a shop. This floor offers up names such as Bang Bang, Explendid, Boy Best One, Carrot, BAM BOT, Gay Ray, Garlici, Gooddyz, Dezemberism, Human Fight, Destroy Pop and Superzaaap. Most of these offer up t-shirts, jeans and sports wear but poke your head around as many as you can because very often something will turn up to surprise you.

With your head now truly spinning from the shop names that can only come from Bangkok owners, it's quite possibly time for another drink but to calm the nerves and to stop the coffee rush, grab a smoothie type drink from Squeeze which offers up very tasty and "healty" drinks to refreshen you for your next flight up to the 3rd floor (Istanbul)

3rd Floor (Istanbul)

The 3rd floor moves away from the fashion clothing and heads for fashion accessories such as bags and jewelry. This level is worth a decent walk around because there is quite a mixture of stuff and although you might find a lot of this stuff elsewhere in Bangkok or Thailand, it can be quite interesting just browsing.

Shop names on this level get a little more memorable but someone never fails to impress and has provided us with Bunny Neversad and whilst this is istanbul, we have Borsemogan Italy

San Fransisco Bridge Sumo wrestlers

4th Floor (San Francisco)

The coffee gave you the jolt needed to make it up to the 3rd floor and the fresh juice of the 3rd floor allowed you the burst of energy to get to the 4th and now you are starving ! If so, you've come to the right place as the 4th floor of Terminal 21 is dedicated to food..lots and lots of lovely, delicious food.

There are loads of places to choose from including: Sunrise Taco, Red Mango, Hachiban, Pepper Lunch, Steak Lao, Piri Piri, Canton House, Tony Romas and Swensens !!! There is certainly something for everyone but if this part of San Francisco doesn't grab your fancy, move on up to the next level where you can find KFC, Royal Kitchen, Jeffer Steak, a number of Japanese restaurants and a whole bunch of Thai restaurants

London bus London tube



5th Floor

The 5th floor of Terminal 21 is more food with offerings from the likes of KFC, The Manhattan Fish Market, Royal Kitch, San Saap and a number of others, so if the 4th foor is packed, try the 5th

Food booths Food centre at Terminal 21


6th Floor (Los Angeles)

It almost beggers belief to think that there is room in Bangkok - or Thailand for that matter - for another mobile phone shop / booth and yet, the 6th floor of Terminal 21, has its fair share of mobile phones (new and second hand), mobile phone accessories and mobile phone service providers such as AIS and DTAC


Movie Theatres

No self respecting shopping mall in Bangkok would be without a modern movie theater and Terminal 21 is no exception.
The screens are all modern and have the latest sound equipment, 3D glasses and so on, so if you are either stuffed to the gills from all the food on the 4th and 5th floors or just buzzing from all the coffee, what better way to end your world wide shopping trip than to relax in front of one of the latest movies in either Thai or English.

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Exterior of Terminal 21
Coffee World
London bus at terminal 21
Foyer of Terminal 21
camel Active
Urban 360
different levels of terminal 21
Lighthouse at Terminal 21
Seven Stars at Terminal 21
Shops at Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok
looking up at the various levels of Terminal 21
Idylic clothes shop
easy access to BTS skytrain station

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