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The Best Shops In Bangkok


Siam Paragon Shopping MallSiam Paragon is probably considered to be the best shopping mall in Bangkok. It's half a mall and half a department store. The department store is huge and sells pretty much everything and the surrounding shops are typically high end affairs from the likes of Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Prada and so on.

Siam Paragon is a luxury, cool and imressive shopping experience with a superb food hall, loads of restaurants, cineplex and even an underwater world.. Check it out just to say you've been.

Skytrain: Siam
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Centara Grand At Central World


Siam Paragon Shopping MallCentral World Plaza is a close second to Siam Paragon and only falls short probably due to its sheer size and layout as it doesn't feel as accomplished. With that said, it's a pretty spectacular shopping experience as it is made up of three (yes THREE ) department stores, a plethora of brand named stores, restaurants, cafes, shoe shops and much, much more.

Fancy ice-skating ? Central World has a pretty impressive rink. Fancy catching a movie ? Central World has some of the most modern screening rooms on offer.

Skytrain: Siam
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Centara Grand At Central World


Terminal 21 shopping mall in BangkokTerminal 21 is the latest addition to Bangkok's line up of premier shopping malls and this time it's different...

Designed like an airport terminal and with floors paying homage to major cities around the world, Terminal 21 is a breath of fresh air in the Bangkok shopping stakes. Most of the shops are geared around fashion and are small, privately owned stalls but there are also two floors of restaurants, a cineplex and various cafes and other shops of interest. Well worth a visit as it's an interesting shopping experience and very well laid out.

Skytrain: Asoke
MRT: Sukhumvit
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Grande Center Point Sukhumvit



MBK shopping mall in BangkokMBK is everyone's favourite. Jammed full of stores offering all sorts of goods, you can get most things you'll need when shopping in Bangkok.

This is the best place for cameras and camera equipment, cheap clothes, videos, furniture and pirated items + much more.

MBK packs a mighty punch as a shopping mall and offers loads of places to eat, a cineplex, 10 pin bowling and even a department store named Tokyu

Skytrain: National Stadium
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Pathuwan Princess Hotel


MBK shopping mall in BangkokThe Emporium was Bangkok's premium, high end, departments store / shopping mall and it is still an excellent shopping experience for those looking for brand named products.

Non-departmental shops are high end fashion and jewelry shops such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel etc.

Located near Terminal 21 and direct access from skytrain, there is a very good food hall, a number of cafes and restaurants and also a decent cineplex.

Skytrain: Prompong
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Emporium Suites


MBK shopping mall in BangkokCentral Chidlom is the flagship store of the Central group of department stores and malls which are dotted around Bangkok.

Predominantley a department store with a good selection of popular brand named goods, Central is the staple for ex-pats and locals alike as there is much to choose from and discounts are frequent..

There are one or two restaurants a good food hall at the top and a number of cafes. Visit to take advantage of tourist discounts.

Skytrain: Chidlom
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: The Intercontinental


MBK shopping mall in BangkokOpposite Central World and up from Central Chidlom lies Gaysorn which is an up-market shopping mall almost specifically for wealthy clients.

Watches, jewelry, top fashion brands and accessories are all under one roof but cameras, computers (Apple) and hi-fi are also part of the line-up..

There are one or two cafes and a restaurant or two but for choice, nip across the road to Central World Plaza.

Skytrain: Chidlom
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: The Intercontinental


Pantip Plaza in BangkokPantip Plaza is a huge computer mall located just around the corner from Central World and behind Siam Paragon.

Pantip Plaza is a mecca for all things computer related - including MACs, so if you are after a new laptop, a repair or to pick up peripherals, this is the place to come.

There are a couple of places to eat downstairs and one or two cafes but it's aimed squarely at computers and a few camera shops. Platinum Fashion Mall is a short walk away.

Skytrain: Ratchatewi
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Grand Diamond Suites


Platinum fashion mall BangkokClose to Central World and Pantip Plaza is Platinum Fashion Mall which is probably Bangkok's largest, indoor, fashion mall..

Loads of stalls selling all manner of fashion items and accessories, spread across 5 floors.

This is not a mall where you will find brand named shops or brand named products, this is purely non-brand named goods such as t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shoes and is an excellent place to buy in bulk for export if you own your own shop..

Skytrain: Ratchatewi
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Grand Diamond Suites


Siam Center shopping mall in BangkokSiam Center is one of the original shopping malls in Bangkok and is aimed almost squarely at young fashionistas.

Siam Center has a number of well known brand named shops but is also home to non-brand named fashions that are of good quality and desrve a look-in.

If you are between 13 and 30, this is a good place to dig out some interesting fashions or pick up some of the better known brand named products from RIP Curl, Addidas and Nike.

Skytrain: Siam
MRT: -
Opening: 10 - 10
Hotel: Siam Kempinski


MBK shopping mall in BangkokAmarin Plaza in Bangkok is another mall offering a bit of everything for everyone; even educational facilities for kids on the top floor.

For adults there is yoga and massage and it wouldn't be a Thai shopping mall without a quality food hall on the 4th floor.

Amarin Plaza has a good number of tailors and silk material shops and a few Thai style ornament and jewelry shops.

An interesting alternative to Siam paragon, Central World et al.

Skytrain: Chidlom
MRT: -
Opening: 9 - 9
Hotel: Grand Hyatt Erawan

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