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Viera by Ragazze in Bangkok and Thailand

If you want to know where to buy leather goods in Bangkok, then we can highly recommend visiting Viera by Ragazze which is a quality leather goods shop with outlets in most Central Shopping Malls, but not all.

There are a number of leather shops, many of which are in MBK but for top quality leather goods such as handbags, brief cases, shoes for men and women, belts and even bean bags, then Viera by Regazze is the place to go.

Vierra by Regazze at Central Saladaeng on Silom roadVierra by Regazze leather quality leather goods in Bangkok

The price of items such as shoes, will seem expensive if comparing to shoes you can buy elsewhere especially when considering they are not really a fashion brand name, but the quality is top notch and the leather of exceptional quality. A pair of smart / casual men's shoes will be in the region of 4,500 Baht. Women's shoes will be about the same.
We bought a pair of men's shoes for that price and after about 5 months, they still look good. The leather is very soft and yet keeps the shape of the shoe. They are also extremely comfortable to walk in.
Ladies' hand bags look and feel very well made and once again, the leather is of very good quality. Buying a handbag from Viera by Regazze will ensure you get a well made handbag that few people will have. It should also last you a long time.
Handbags start around the 7,000 Baht figure but that's going to be money well spent as it should last a good year or two if treated properly.

If there is an issue with the products on offer at Viera by Regazze is that women's shoes are a bit modern in design. There are few shoes which would go well at work. Most women's shoes are of the low heeled, comfortable and casual type, or modern design evening dress type shoe.
Don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with the shoes other than you wouldn't go to Viera by Regazze looking for sensible and smart work shoes unless you are a man, and then the shoes fit into the smart casual / work category with only sandals as casual affair.

Men's shoes at Regazze take on a slightly pointed design which seems to be the fashion of the day and so if you are very conservative, you'll only find a few pairs of men's shoes that will fit your taste. If you are less conservative and want something a bit fashionable, then Viera gets it just right although the colour range is a little off. What we mean by this, is that you can buy black shoes and very light shiny brown shoes but no "classic" brown shoes.
We were looking for some "dark oak" coloured shoes and the design was perfect, but the colour wasn't right. They were too light for work and we couldn't seem them going with jeans either and so the lack of colour tones is the disapponiting factor at Viera by Regazze. The same can be said for women's shoes as the lady in our group also found a pair she liked but not in the right colour.

Still, these are small points because the over all style and quality of the leather goods on offer is exceptional and Viera by Regazze has to rank near the top of the best leather shops in Bangkok and Thailand.

Central World Plaza Viera Ragazze's main store. Located 2nd floor at the entrance from the skywalk coming from Siam Paragon
Take BTS to Either Chidlom or Siam and walk along Skywalk
Central Pinklao Small shop but well stocked. Located on ground floor next to Ecco shoes.
No skytrain or Underground access. Bus or Taxi only.
Central Silom Complex A good sized shop located on the third floor. Take BTS to Saladaeng or Underground to Silom
Opening Hours 10:00 - 22:00


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